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LO is 8 months and was doing really good sleeping all night and in his own bed, then we went out of town for a few days and broke the cycle. Then he got sick and I started my new job, which made it a lot worse. He's been sleeping in his bed for 1/2 the night then wakes up hungry and wants in bed with us. My question is 1) How do I get him to stop night feelings? And 2) how do I get him to sleep in his own bed? (Crying it out doesn't work for me.)

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  • Have you tried sitting by the crib into he falls asleep again. When DD is sick and wants to sleep with us.. I turn Mobil on. Sit rub her back. DD is content to just see me.. Good luck sweetheart..
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    It Sounds like LO just needs some gentle reminders that she needs to sleep in his own bed and mommy is not going to give in. This process does not need any form of crying it out. Minimal tears should be cried and these will only be tears of protest. 

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