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Flying in 1st trimester

Anyone fly during their 1st trimester ?
What are some of the things your doctor said about doing so...Did they try to talk you out of it or were they all for it?
Thank you in advance

Re: Flying in 1st trimester

  • I fly a lot for work. At least once per month coast to coast. I did throughout my last pregnancy as well. My doctor is fine with it. Just stay hydrated, get up and walk and wear compression stockings.

  • I flew twice during 1st tri when pregnant with DS, once at 6 wks and again at 13wk. Unless your have a specific medical condition, it's totall fine. Just stay hydrated!

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  • I flew cross-country multiple times in both my first and second trimesters.
    My doctor thought nothing of it. I think she once said "stay hydrated" but that was it.

    My last flight was uncomfortable (at 25 weeks) just because I felt so cramped and I had a hard time sitting in the plane seat for 5+ hours.
  • My doc discourages any long trips (by plane or otherwise) in the 3rd trimester because you're more likely to go into labor. Before the 3rd tri it is totally fine to travel if the pregnancy is uncomplicated.
  • Ditto everyone else. My only issue with flying were the smells. My pregnancy super sense of smell did not appreciate all the various odors crammed into a small metal tube. I was really nauseous!


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  • Hmmmm, I'm flying next week and it didn't even occur to me to ask. Unless you have a specific medical condition I wouldn't think it's an issue. I had. 10 hour flight last pregnancy at 6 months and my OB was fine with it.
  • I had hyperemesis and flying at 13 weeks was HORRIBLE. But I also spent my whole vacation completely sick.

    If you've been feeling well and your morning sickness is manageable you should be fine!
  • My husband and I flew out of town for our 10th Anniversary and I got a positive pregnancy test while on the trip (2 days ago!). It crossed my mind that flying could be discouraged but...what can you do?! These little beans are tough and snug in there. ;)
  • So true! Pizza, chicken, perfume, body odor! Ugh! I was nauseous for the entire flight experience.
  • Yes we flew twice when I was in my first trimester. The doctor said stay hydrated and also just to look up the nearest medical center to where you are going just in case of emergency. The second part also held for each of the other trimesters though! I did find out that airport food is limiting when you're pregnant and trying to balance fighting morning sickness and eating healthy!!
  • It amazing that not one doctor mentioned to avoid a full body scan machine. During first trimester we should avoid extra radiation as much as possible and while flight by itself increases the radiation load and is unavoidable, the body scan is avoidable - just say that you are pregnant and want a pat down instead. Allow more time for a TSA check
    Compression socks are not necessary during the first trimester
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    I travel a lot. Pay extra to reserve an aisle seat, so you can pee. Stand and stretch on occasion lotsa water lotsa vit c. I was fine travelling on 3 flights from panama to Vancouver and I was fine, just tired. The only bad thing was the lady chewing cinnamon gum next to me, almost made me yack.

    Chapsticks, saltines, and tissues are a good idea too, and if you have a fave tea, bring some and ask for hot water when they come around.
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