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Feeling bummed

I just need a little woe is me time. My LO was tested for allergies and we found that he is sensitive to milk and eggs but not until he was 5 1/2 months old! (We had a crappy pedi who let his pride get in the way of what was best for my boy). So with the change of a pedi and a couple appts with the allergist behind us we are back on eating solids, however we had to start all over again at 6 1/2 months old. So not my little guy is 7 months and we are only on our 3rd new food. He's missed out on so much time and should be starting on more solid food at this point! I feel responsible because I kept giving that pedi a second, third, fourth, fifth chance before we made the change. I should've gone with my and my husband's gut and made the change early on.

LO is happy, healthy, clear skinned (no more rashes and hives), and making milestones before he's supposed to in so many other areas. It just sucks that he's so behind with eating.

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  • That sounds really frustrating! I'm glad you've got his sensitivities figured out for now.
    If it makes you feel any better, my daughter had to have a few month hiatus on adding anything new to her diet while we tried to figure out some digestion issues. (She had major vomiting issues, and it didn't seem connected to any specific food. It turns out that she just needed to be on Zyrtec for about a month to completely clear out all the allergens from her system, and then she was able to continue trying new foods.)
    It's really frustrating when you see everyone else's kids getting to eat just about anything (and even parents who think nothing of introducing multiple foods in one day). In the end, though, daughter is now eating just as much as any other toddler (more than some ;) ). Your little one will get there too!! You can continue adding a little texture to his foods, and he'll get the same practice as those kids who are eating all the foods already. And, I'm sure he's a much happier kid now that you know his allergies!
  • Thanks, that does help. We had to do Zyrtec for a month, too. What do you mean, add textures to his foods? This is my first rodeo, so any types are great!
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  • Well, the jars or pouches of food in the store change texture based on age, (they're generally numbered 1, 2, etc....) but they also tend to have less and less options of single food jars as the age increases. That makes it hard if you haven't introduced much but your baby is ready for a little more substance to his food.
    We made all of daughter's food, to be sure of no cross contaminations, so we just tried to mimic the thickness of the corresponding aged jars, and started letting more and bigger chunks be left behind in the purées as she got older and then progressed to finger foods.
    We also used plain instant oatmeal to add texture to foods, although if you're just wanting it a little thicker but not with pieces in it yet, baby powdered rice or oatmeal works. That would also work well if you are using jars, but cannot find a mix of foods he has had in the correct texture for his age.
  • Oh ok. Thanks! I've done food that is the consistency of oatmeal or runny mashed potatoes. So we will continue doing things like that.
  • Don't worry about being behind on solids. There is a lifetime of good food ahead for your kiddo. DD1 didn't take to solids until she was nearly a year old - completely unrelated to her food allergies and sensitivities.

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