Grunting and straining

my little one was born early by emergency c section on July 21. We just got to bring him home Saturday and wow the grunting! He will grunt and strain off and on during the day but at night he's on another level. Literally non stop! Anyone else's preemie like this? He's sleeping too FYI but we are not as it's also hard to tell if he's awake or not

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Re: Grunting and straining

  • It's actually called the preemie grunt. Pretty normal and they grow out of it. I'm not sure if it has to do with the breathing assistance they get in the NICU or just another side effect of being a preemie. My daughter did that for what felt like forever. It's disconcerting to be sure.
  • Is crying normal with it? It has now escalated to crying :(

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  • My baby was born 6 weeks early. She was only in hospital for a week. She has reflux and takes medicine for it but lately (a couple of weeks now) she grunts and strains so hard while she's eating. It's very hard to get through a feeding sometimes. She's 9 weeks today and drinks about 4 oz every bottle. I've tried has drops... They don't work. I've tried switching bottles.... Doesn't seem to do much. We are using Avent bottles but they seem too big for her. I bottle a Dr. Browns bottle but wondering if she needs the preemie nipple. Milk just flows out of her mouth like lava sometimes while eating. I've heard it's a preemie grunt but to me it seems like an issue. Anyone else have these issues while feeding. Note: she is bottle fed but it's breast milk and she's currently 8.6 lbs.
  • My preemie is like this too (didn't have breathing assistance). He grunts and strains and moans and cries a lot. The dr took him off the Neosure and that seemed to help a little but he still seems like he's in so much pain it's awful. I have dr Browns and just ordered playtex with preemie nipples to try out
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