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Light spotting

Just as I was starting to feel a little better, I went to the restroom and discovered a small amount of light pink spotting. This can not be happening again. Don't know what to do.

Re: Light spotting

  • Oh goodness... My fingers are crossed for you. Hoping it's nothing and hoping for the best!
  • Thank you @Plleriti1 At this point I'm just angry!
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  • How's everything going this morning?
  • I am sorry to hear that! PGAL is scary enough without spotting. I will say, at around 8 weeks, I had an episode of bleeding and passed a blood clot. Got in the next day and baby was fine, thank goodness, I just had a pocket of blood at the top of my cervix that made me spot for another week. How is everything today?
  • I havent had any spotting since the one episode last night. Went in this morning for another optional draw and spoke with the nurse. She said she would call w results in the morning but some spotting was normal. She said if i was further along they would do an US but at 5 weeks it would just cause me more anxiety since we would only see a sac. I'm trying to hang in there but my back is hurting worse and my only experiences w bleeding ended in MC. I guess i will know more in the morning. Thanks for checking in.
  • If it helps - I had two bouts of slight bleeding so far - one at 6 weeks and one at about 8. All has been good so far. Thinking good thought for you!!!
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  • I don't know if this will help, but I have a friend who spotted daily from weeks 6-8 and she's having a healthy baby girl in the next few weeks. Hang in there and please keep up posted!
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    The nurse called with my results. Hcg went from 5200 - 9885. Progesterone went back up to 33. Fingers crossed. This is the best my numbers have ever been. I went back and plugged in the numbers from my last MC into the hcg calculator. It was taking around 7 days to double and p4 stayed in the teens. I freaked myself out last night looking up molar pregnancies. I wish i could un-see all of that. I HAVE to stop googling!!
  • I am sorry that you are having to deal with the additional stress spotting can cause.   Your numbers look great!  I had a similar situation, my levels all looked great but I had spotting on a few occasions that sent me into a panic.  Thankfully the spotting seems to have been because of a subchorionic hematoma and a polyp on my cervix.  Since having the polyp removed I have not had any other bleeding and the dr seems to think the hemorrhage will heal itself with in a few weeks.

    Praying that you get some answers soon and you can relax a bit.  

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    That sounds really great! You probably should stop googling, but I don't think that's physically possible. :D When do you go in for your first ultrasound?
  • If all goes well my U/S will be on the 31st.
  • Yay! :O) Positive thoughts, prayers and sticky baby dust.
  • Congrats and good luck your in my thoughts and prayers!!
  • Thank you all!! :)
  • Yay! :O) Positive thoughts, prayers and sticky baby dust.
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