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Natural Birth *question not a story*

So the husband and I decided that we wanted to have our baby naturally (when that day comes) I've been reading the stories and it seems like most people have had a pretty positive experience! I was wondering if you did hypnobirthing where did you find your book? Do you have a favourite? Also are there any specific classes you would recommend that include the husband a lot as well? Thank you in advance for answers!

Re: Natural Birth *question not a story*

  • I used hypnobabies. I don't feel like it took the pain away, but it helped me keep my body relaxed so it could do what it needed to do. I also had a doula, which I very highly recommend. The hypnobabies got me to transition and my doula helped me through the rest of it.
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  • I was able to borrow the mongan book through our library system. It came with the meditation cd also.
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  • We did Bradley instead of Hypnobirthing. Itsthene is husband coached childbirth, so he was very involved. Bradley and Hypnobirthing complement one another.
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  • I read the Mongan book.i was induced and it still helped for them to be manageable but then I was told I needed to lay in the bed and it all went down hill from there
  • I bought a hypnobabies set on eBay
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  • We planned a natural birth and ended up being induced but I had a doula, which I also highly recommend! With her help and the help of deep breathing I did a 15 hour induction with no pain meds, which was my goal. She gave me this book to read that has tons of natural birth stories and some breathing techniques and mantras.

  • I loved my Bradley method class! It's really great about making your significant other an important part of your birth team, and giving him ideas about how he can best support you during labor and birth.
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