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Scabies While Pregnant

Alright ladies, this is a less-than lovely story, but it must be told... 

My husband and I recently took a vacation to Italy, and soon after I found out I am pregnant with Baby #2. At around 6 weeks, I developed a rash, and assumed it was probably a pregnancy-related condition (eczema, dry skin, etc.). 5 days later I absolutely could not sleep from the terrible itch, and the rash had spread across most of my back. To my dismay, my doctor informed me that I have Scabies; it seems our Italian vacation gave us more than one souvenir! My wonderful husband, who lovingly refers to the Bean as my "parasite," is now biting his tongue when it comes to that word! 

I completed the Permethrin treatment 4 days ago, and have since been sanitizing my house like a crazy person. The itch has subsided some, but my understanding is that it will likely continue for weeks after I have completed treatment. I was given Hydrozyzine for the itch, but have refused to take it due to the pregnancy; it is either Cat C or not categorized, depending on the source. I have been taking Benadryl, however, just to sleep. 

I am really struggling with guilt from having used the Permethrin, a pesticide, especially in this early stage of pregnancy but clearly I have little choice. I have also treated my son, who is 4. I will have to do the treatment again in a few days, as it is necessary to completely kill the mites. I feel very alone in this; until my diagnosis, I had never heard of anyone with Scabies, and the few people I have told are clearly mortified by this. 

If anyone has dealt with this experience, I would love to hear your positive thoughts. I know there is never a good time for something like this, but the first trimester of pregnancy just may be the worst time. 

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