Need advice and mini rant...FTM

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I have been scheduled for a csection because baby is breech and is so big he does not have room to flip. He hit 96th% or higher on everything and there is very little fluid around him at this point. But - and this is most important to me - he is healthy and all his organs look great!
Question 1 - My CS is scheduled for 5pm so I cannot eat anything after 5am. I have low blood sugar and tend to get hangry. Any suggestions on how to cope all day? I'm worried I will feel/become weak by 5pm or be a real bitch when I don't mean to be.
Question 2 - How do I deal with all the judgy people? They act like CS is not a "real" birth and tell me he could still flip and I should fight for a natural birth. Um..he is healthy and is going to come out. That is my only concern. And why do they thunk it's an easy way out? It is surgery! Ugh...just tired of the judgement and people making me feel like a bad mom because I can't deliver vaginally.
Any thoughts, advice, opinions would be appreciated.
We are excited to meet our little boy on Sep 8th!

Re: Need advice and mini rant...FTM

  • For the blood sugar bit I would say try staying up as late as you can so you will sleep most of the day. Especially cause you'll be up quite a bit that night as well. That way you can eat all night and hopefully not be as bad off. As far as everyone saying fight for natural etc, it's just their opinion. Be happy for what you have. Stick up for yourself and politely say that's not in the cards at this point.
  • Will they allow Popsicles, sucking on sugar free candy, or at least ice chips? I'd find out specifics if you haven't already. Every little bit helps! And anyone knocking a c section as not a real birth clearly hasn't endured and recovered from one! Sorry - not to scare you - but it is major surgery!
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  • I hate when people say it's not giving birth. My SIL has done the same to me :O)
    Thing is - you were pregnant and you now have a baby so you have given birth. Anyone that quizzes you deserves the stink eye and middle finger combo!
    Hugs and good luck!
  • Not sure about question #1, but it looks like you got some good advice.
    For questions #2 who is judging you? Personally, in real life, I have never had a negative thing said about my c section. It wasn't a topic that came up even the first few weeks when baby born. The only negativity I have encountered was online. 
    And a c section is giving "birth". There are several dictionary meanings and one of them is coming into existence, origin, beginning. 
  • Thank you, ladies! I am going to eat a big breakfast at 4am and then my husband and I are going to try to rest all day to make it through the day. I am going to ask my dr about it again because several websites say no food for 8 hours before instead of 12.
    As for the judgement, it is still happening. Even today someone commented they were sorry that I couldn't have a real birth. I am now being a bit snotty about it and telling people I am fine with it and their opinion doesn't matter. I am usually very polite, but I am over it already.
    Thanks again! We can't wait to meet our sweet boy.
  • I know this is a little late, but that seems odd that your doctor wants you to stop eating 12 hours pre-op. Like you mentioned, most hospitals prefer 8 hrs. I would actually say to eat your breakfast at 5am, not 4am...then the last time you at was 5am, like they want, but it's not fasting for a whole extra hour. Consider eating a small snack like pudding or yogurt closer to 8 hours pre-op too. A snack like that will quickly move through your stomach; that is what they are concerned about, your stomach being empty so you don't throw up. Also, keep in mind that scheduled c sections often get bumped for emergency c sections, so while your op time could be scheduled for 5pm, it may later. You don't want to fast for 13+ hours.

    Finally, just my personal story from DS who was also breech. I ate a slice of pizza at noon and started leaking fluid a few minutes later. Headed to the hospital around 2pm, doctors tried saying my water hadn't broken, but I stayed put because I was having contractions. Active labor started around 3:30pm, so they tried using drugs to stop contractions. DS was born at 5:25pm...so most definitely not 12 hours after I last ate. I'm not saying eat 5 hours pre-op, but 12 hours is excessive.
  • I just recently had an emergency csection. I was scheduled for an induction so they told me nothing to eat or drink so I expected that. I struggle with low blood sugar as well, and was worried about it so I asked my doctor. They told me that the fluids they were given me had sugar in it which would prevent my sugar from dropping. I went in at around 930-10pm the night before my induction because I was in so much pain. I had just ate at 9:00pm because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat at the hospital. I progressed all through the night on my own, with the doctor breaking my water at 9am. I was allowed to have ice chips the whole time. I was in labor from 9am to 330pm before being taking for a csection. During this time, I had no want to eat any type of meal; I did want ice chips when I wasn't in pain. After the surgery, I was only allowed clear liquids until I passed gas. I didn't even really want them and wasn't really hungry. Eventually, the 2nd day (afternoon-night) I finally was passing gas and was able to eat something. I was starving but my sugar wasn't dropping or low yet even though I was off the fluids. If your sugar was to drop, just notify them.

    I consider a csection a real birth. I could careless how I got my child out of me as long as he was healthy. It bothered me to hear that I was having a csection NOT because it wasn't a real birth but because I was terrified of having major surgery and I had planned everything around a vaginal birth recovery. Don't pay attention to people, they will criticize you either path you go to be honest.

    Best of luck!!
  • I have one scheduled for next Tuesday and the amount of people who are asking me if I'm trying to turn her is surprising! The version and chiropractor is fine for some people but it wasn't something I wanted to do. I tried some spinning babies stuff and that was about it.

    I have a strong feeling that she is the way she is for a reason and I'm going to let her be and the good Lord will bring her into this world how he sees fit!

    Hope everything went well and you are recovering nicely!!!
  • Good luck next Tuesday!!!!
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