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Day 1 home with newborn...

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Today was first day with my brand new baby... As i sit here at 12 am my feet are so swollen... Reason for concern? Quick releif? Never had issue during pregnancy. Im also breastfeeding fyi

Re: Day 1 home with newborn...

  • I had this issue and was told that as long as it wasn't painful, red or hot to the touch then it was normal. They said excess fluids (especially if you had an IV) tend to settle in your feet/ankles. Still probably worth calling your doctor to get their opinion though
  • I had this too...I was really swollen 3 days after giving birth and it took about two weeks to go away completely. I had the same problem while pregnant though, it just got worse after. Is your blood pressure normal? Mine shot up along with the swelling so I had to follow up with my OB right after I got home from the hospital.
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  • I had swelling like you wouldn't believe due to 8 bags of IV fluids during labor. Doctor saw it at the hospital and said it would go away within two weeks. It's been 8 days and I must have lost 12 lbs of water weight and the swelling is down. Yeehaw!
  • Yep, normal! I was much more swollen leaving the hospital than I ever was while pregnant. I wrapped it up to fluids and that epi that left me immobile for 10 hours.
  • What is EPi?
  • Epi=epidural
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