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June 18th I under went my second D&C this year for miscarriage. After it being my third total my doctor ordered testing on the baby. 5wks later the results came back normal. So my doctor sent me for blood work to see if we could get answers. That was a month ago. I called my doctor last week to see if they have heard any news. They tell me they got all my results back but the karotyping. So after being told my blood clotting factors were high but everything else looked good they would let me know when the last results were in. Seeing as how DH and I decided to wait to try again till we got the news waiting s few more days would be fine. Then today the lab calls and said they ordered the wrong test and if I could come back in so they could get a fresh sample to send out that would be great. Now I'm frustrated beyond belief because I know it could be another 5wks before I get answers. How could this happen?

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  • Wow, That blows. The endless waiting is definitely one of the hardest parts about ttc and pregnancy loss. I'm so sorry you have to wait even longer than you already have.
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