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Finding a doctor

I apologize if this thread has been created. I searched, but couldn't find one.

We found out we were pregnant last week. Now I have no idea where to start. The one person I told does not live in the area, so she doesn't have any recommendations for OB's. I know my SIL and coworkers have many suggestions, but we are keeping it a secret for a while, so I can't ask them. We aren't telling family until 8 weeks and no one else until 12 weeks. I feel overwhelmed with the prospect of finding a doctor to schedule my first appointment when I don't have anyone to go to for advice.

Do you have any suggestions of resources for where to begin? We live in Woodbury.

Thank you!

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Re: Finding a doctor

  • Congrats! I was in the same situation when I found out I was pregnant! I would first start by seeing who is covered and then check out who lives close to you. I know you can interview some doctors if you would want to. Also decide if you'll want a midwife or doctor.... I used a group of midwives and delivered in a hospital. I live in St Paul and went to the u of mn midwife group and delivered at Fairview riverside. Great for me but far for you! Remember you can always change doctors- it happens all the time! Good luck!
  • The MWs at Woodwinds are great, also at St Joes. Dr Ryan Dick is a family practice doc that catches at Woodwinds too that is fabulous!

  • Check out Dr. Jory Burroughs. We moved to CG a little over a year ago from the south metro so I was also in the market for a new OBGYN. Everyone I asked mentioned him. He's in his own practice and delivers at Woodwinds (as well as 2 other hospitals). He does an ultrasound for everyone at their first appt. ~8 weeks, takes a full 20+ minutes in the room talking to you and is SO kind, welcoming, knowledgeable and comforting. Also, because it's just him you know he will be the one to deliver you. Seriously I can't say enough about him. Look him up and you'll see nothing but rave reviews. One step into his clinic and you'll know what I'm talking about!!

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  • I've heard really good things about Stillwater ( not sure what their practice name is ). I go to Partners obgyn in Maplewood and I've been really happy with the care and staff. They have Dr's and midwives and deliver at St Johns. Plus they are an all female practice which is awesome if you are uncomfortable having a male ob, especially since you are almost never guaranteed to have your own Dr deliver you.
  • Thank you so much ladies! I don't get on here often enough. I really appreciate your reccommendations and input. I scheduled with a random OB/GYN that is covered by my insurance for my first appointment. I always forget that if things don't click, I can go to someone else!

    I'm going to save this page so I can come back to it!
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