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11 things you didn’t know about breastfeeding


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  • I was having a similar issue. The Lactation Specialist was very helpful! It took me a few visits as there were quite a few issues (blisters, engorgement and my left nipple) but once we figured out how to get him to latch it was awesome! I recently had Mastitis in my right Breast and he was only able to nurse from my left so I am super glad I had the LS help me out.
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  • try to definitely get in to see a lactation consultant, if that still doesn't work. you feed her on your right side and pump the left side.. also if you do pump (my own personal suggestion) look into "Breastflow Bottles" they're amazing! the son was the same way, only he wouldn't latch to my right, so I pumped my right and fed him on my left and that helped my husband do midnight feedings as well and stay connected. he's much better with latching now that he's 2 months. so if anything, just give it some time :) good luck.
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  • cheeky05 said:

    For some reason my little girl is refusing to latch onto my left breast I try and try I've even tried for over an hour with no luck she latches then pulls away but as soon as she's on the right she's feeding well so my right breast is huge. They are both solid and really sore I keep trying to express a bit to soften them but they don't really get much softer and I don't get much relief I'm giving up on it slowlu

    Do you have a pump? Also, I have a friend who only fed her baby from one side. Have you tried different positions? Maybe express some milk before getting her to latch. It could just be too full.
  • That is gets so much better the longer you do it! We are almost to 6 months and it is amazing. 
  • While your lo is nursing on one side pump the other. The key down is good while he or she nurses and it won't be an extra step. That works well for me.
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