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How to...quit ft after fmla and go to perdiem...w/o telling employer.

So this is my situation. I spoke to my employer back when I was 12 weeks and was told I had some options. I could take fmla and return to a full time job (with horrible hours for a new baby). I could also transfer to another department full time but the thing is it would likely be well after my return. Or I could take per diem (lose benefits of course) and work as many hours whichever days I want. I researched fmla and found that I could be asked to repay the employer medical fees if I don't return to a full time. This possibility was confirmed by my employer (although they didnt clearly state theyd pursue this option). Because of this I feel like if have no option but to return to full time with full intention on quitting for perdiem asap. I feel super guilty about this but I feel like I lose or risk too much if I don't it any other way.

Does anyone else have any input? I'm wondering how long should I wait to quit and what should I say as reason? I'm so freaked out about how to do this. I wish I had someone I could trust at work but I dont. My supervisor left the agency a couple of months ago and I don't know know the new one very well.

Re: How to...quit ft after fmla and go to perdiem...w/o telling employer.

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    Are you planning to get a different FT job after taking FMLA? If so, I'd worry about the possibility of burning bridges by taking your approach. Are you really unhappy with your current job? Full time with a new baby sucks for a few months, but it is doable. Everyone gets into a routine no matter what your working hours are. Babies can get used to staying up later and sleeping in later, or getting up very early and going to bed very early. They're pretty adaptable. 

    If you're planning your approach just so you can maintain your health insurance, there are other options for health insurance. If your SO is able to get health insurance through work, when the baby is born he can add both you and the baby as it is considered a major life change and you do not have to wait for open enrollment to make changes. If you are single or unmarried you can get on state or federally provided health insurance at little to no cost to you. 

    I guess to give you a better answer, you need to be clearer about why you're considering going back for a short time after taking FMLA then quitting. Because there are likely other options that you haven't thought of.
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  • Thank you for replying. I know it sounds really bad to do things this way.

    I could go on my husband's insurance but it'd be very expensive and I'd have to switch providers. And once we add the baby- the cost is astronomical. I've heard thru various sources(one being my supervisors supervisor) that at least 2 people have "returned" from maternity leave only to leave within a few days. At least 1 of these has remained as perdiem and and seems to have a very good relationship with the boss. This is my goal right now.

    As far as burning bridges, this is a concern. I really like the agency but financially the prospects aren't good for me. Since becoming pregnant ive realized (and this will sound pompous) I'm really good at what I do. And now that we are having a family I feel pressure to move on to another place that can compensate my skill level. I feel like if im gonna sacrifice being with my baby its got to be for more than this. So even if I stayed after the fmla leave it wouldn't be for more than 6-8 months. Mostly I need to finish licensure hours which will take that long and by doing per diem I can do the hours necessary while still spending time with the new baby, for at least a few months.
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  • To transition back FT my mom was at home with baby the first month, I worked from home every morning and took 1 day off each week with PTO I had retained. This was very doable even for my high-pressure job. Then my manager suggested I "trial" a reduced FT (the min hrs to retain benefits) schedule and this was good. It worked for both of us. It's still hard but a good hard. GL finding what works for you and your company. If the current mgmt. sees your value, they'll work something out.

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  • My situation with FMLA was pretty crazy, and all that I learned was that my employer at the time was really not able to give me a clear answer. I would really recommend speaking with HR or whomever takes care of FMLA and ask them what your options are. For example, my job was able to give me FMLA for 12 weeks, then I could return PT. But I ended up going into preterm labor and was unable to continue working from weeks 32 to 41 (yes, my preterm labor turned into a 41 week delivery!), so I lost all that time. They continued to provide benefits up until 6 weeks postpartum since I had a short term disability plan, so I was paid a limited amount based on the salary that I left with and did not lose any medical benefits. If I was going to return, I would have been required to go back as FT at six weeks PP. So I ended up quitting, giving a letter at around 38 weeks pregnant stating that I would be resigning due to the birth of my child at six or eight weeks after her birth, depending upon complications of birth. I did get a new job with a completely different employer and now have no medical benefits through them (and no FMLA). I have insurance through the marketplace for both myself and my daughter as it was too expensive to go through my husband's employer. Ultimately, just try to be completely open with your employer about your plans. Good luck!
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