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Baby Hates Sitting in Car Seat and Stroller

For the most part, my 5 month old hates sitting in his car seat, stroller, and high chair for any more than a few minutes. Sometimes the only thing that will make him happy is to hold him upright and let him bounce. I think part of it is that he’s ready to be mobile and can’t quite crawl yet, so he gets frustrated and bouncing lets him have some sort of movement.

Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone know when it might pass? It makes it very difficult to go anywhere which doesn’t help with my feeling of isolation, lol.

Re: Baby Hates Sitting in Car Seat and Stroller

  • They go in and out of phases. My daughter hates the car but loved the car seat/stroller combo. She also loves being in a carrier when I'm walking around (constant motion) but it's too hot right now. Try a carrier. If you live somewhere that you have to drive you may both have to suffer during the drive but take her out and wear her when you get there.
  • Thanks. We were actually thinking about trying a baby carrier of some kind, especially once it cools down a bit. :) Hopefully he likes it!
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    My baby is the same. She starts crying the second she even lays eyes on the car seat and she was that way with the stroller until about a month ago. I am home with her without a car all day so I just kept toughing it out with the stroller and bringing different toys for her to distract her until she eventually got used to it. My mom tells me I was that exact same way so I guess this is payback for the torture I put her through haha.

    I hope it gets better for you!
  • My baby was the same with the car, although she's getting better. I think she's fairly type-a, so she gets bored sitting in the car seat. I try to reserve a special soft toy that she can play with for car rides only and I always put her in the car seat at the last possible moment before leaving the house. Best of luck!
  • Mine is not a big fan of car seat but has gotten better with stroller since I stopped using carseat with it (one of this travel set types where car seat snaps in) now I just put him in the normal stroller part so he can look out. He seems much happier when he can look around. He is also one of those babies that always wants to be moving. I can't wait till he can crawl, I think he will be much happier when he's mobile
  • My LO also hates the car seat and stroller. But I think now that he can sit forward, he hates it less.
  • So we had the same issues and we read online that removing the back seat mirror (if you have one) that faces your LO would help. Apparently it can give them motion sickness and it's hard for them to watch themselves getting upset etc. we removed ours and since he sleeps during every car ride!!!!!! Minimal crying if at all and sometimes some whining if we are stopped for too long. Hope that helps!
  • I never wouldve thought of that. great info!
  • Me neither!! Lol and I was shocked how quickly it worked. Now if only there was a similar trick for sleeping through the night... Lol
  • took the mirror off the headrest and it's like having a whole new baby! Thanks for that tidbit!!
  • Sugargrenade yaaaaay!!!! I'm soooo glad!!!
  • i found this guide to help your baby stay in the stroller
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