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Umbilical cord help!!! Pic included! FYI

I've been cleaning my sons cord everyday and today it look like this! I went to the doctors on Friday and she told me to keep cleaning it... But to me it looks infected... Any suggestions

Re: Umbilical cord help!!! Pic included! FYI

  • You can try putting a drop of rubbing alcohol on it at night after his bath, just try to keep it very dry. 
  • Try Goldenseal. It has antibacterial properties and will help dry it out. You can buy the capsules and just break one open and put it on it.
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  • My hospital told me to just completely leave it alone and keep it as dry as possible and don't clean it or anything
  • It looks like it's just continuing to dry. The redness towards the base dosnt look too bad. Might be slightly irritated from diapers etc. Try and keep the babies upper half uncovered and tuck the top of the diaper down to miss it if you aren't doing so. 
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