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Can First ultrasound at 4-5 weeks rule out ECTOPIC?

hi mommies!
So i had my first visit to the doctor... She performed an ultrasound and saw the tiniest dot... I was so ecstatic because i thought 4-5 weeks is too early to see anything, but i guess its not.. Does this mean that ectopic pregnancy can be ruled out since the gyno didn't say anything? She just showed our little baby on the screen and said its approximately 2 weeks old... thanks!

Re: Can First ultrasound at 4-5 weeks rule out ECTOPIC?

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    Hmm I'm not a doctor and people please feel free to correct me but I assumed when I had my u/s at 5+ weeks that a) it wasn't ectopic as it was internal and the technician was looking in my uterus which is where we saw the sac and b) if it had been ectopic she would have known immediately from the position of the yolk sac and we would have gone from there. So I don't know what the dot was that you saw (the yolk?) but I imagine if you weren't told there was a problem and were sent on your merry way then you can assume all is good right now :)

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  • If you can see the sac in your uterus you're probably fine. My friend recently had an ectopic and was told that you can't actually see into the fallopian tube via ultrasound. So unless the egg implanted super close to the ovary where it would be visible, the doctor is going to rely on other information to rule out ectopic - primarily if the sac is in the uterus. When I had my dating scan at 8 weeks the tech mentioned that they were also checking position at that point to ensure it was in the uterus. Probably easier to do at 8 weeks than 4-5.
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  • You can assume that it isn't an ectopic. I've had one and as the pp said, you can't see into the fallopian tubes via u/s so if you saw a sac it was more than likely in your uterus. Also, if it was ectopic they would have told you because that can be a fatal situation. Congrats on your pregnancy!
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  • I had an ectopic- in the trans-vag ultrasound, they saw nothing. Literally, no hint of a pregnancy. They had to do additional ultrasounds (externally) to find the embryo.
  • Thanks a lot! I was so overwhelmed and was happy to see a sac on the screen.. And i forgot to ask if the ectopic is ruled out... Good luck with your pregnancies!
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