Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant Immediately after D&C

We lost our first pregnancy in May at 8 weeks (baby stopped growing at 6 weeks), and I had a D&C for a missed miscarriage in early June. I recently found out I'm pregnant again, but I never had a period after the D&C. I've had some light spotting a couple days in the past couple weeks (doctor said this is normal). I'm just nervous of another miscarriage, and my appointment isn't until the 25th. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have any advice?

Re: Pregnant Immediately after D&C

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    I really hope I will be a successful story in 27 weeks, but for now all I can say is, I am 13.5 weeks with a healthy baby boy. I had a d&c may 8 due to a mmc, and got a BFP June 9, never had a period between.

    ETA: Congrats on your BFP and I hope you can really enjoy this pregnancy. I am constantly so nervous. Also, @PlainJane8350 knows someone with a success story immediately after a loss.
  • I do, @rachrobertson, and I'm so excited that you're in your second trimester! I promise you, it's all downhill from here...anxiety wise anyway!

    @BBJudge, my MIL actually found out that she was pregnant with my husband at her follow-up appointment after her D&C (way before she should have gotten a period) and that obviously worked out!

    Also, I saw a fertility specialist after my loss (to get answers, not for actual fertility) and, while my old OBGYN recommended that we wait three months, he said that there's no science to waiting...and he's the expert! Congratulations!
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