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Has anyone else heard/read about the absence of your good (and bad) gut bacteria in your c section baby? I've done done reading lately and it's mostly theories but it mentions a higher risk of health problems both physically and mentally . I want to start weaning since I've been breastfeeding six months but now there is all this guilt because I know breastfeeding can protect and prevent health issues. I've had a lot anxiety about it lately and I feel trapped.

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  • DS is 2.5 and has a very healthy gut and rarely gets sick and is as smart as a whip, I wouldn't put much weight into theories that haven't been thoroughly tested..I also only breastfed for about 2 months, and not exclusively.

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  • I've had 2 c section babies. Oldest is 19 months, he did have a lot of gut issues in the beginning, has a soy, peanut and egg allergy. But mentally he is where a 2 or 2.5 year old should be as far as words, sentences, colors, letters, numbers. He was breastfed for 4 weeks, on nutramigen for allergies after that and is now on almond milk, transitioning to milk but he also had a cows milk allergy that he's slowly outgrowing (he can do cheese and yogurt fine). DS2 is only 5 weeks, but I'm EBF and don't see the signs of allergies in him like I did DS1 so hope to continue. He was also a c section baby though.
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