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Clear blue weeks estimator?

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Have any of you ladies used the hot Clearblue weeks estimator to try and monitor if yours are increasing or decreasing? I can't get in to see my doc until mid September so I bought a pack. The day my period was one day late I got a 1-2 weeks response. The following day I got a 2-3 result. So I'm taking that as a good sign... But now all I'm thinking about is when to take another test!

Re: Clear blue weeks estimator?

  • I took them. My first one said 1-2 weeks, but I tested again a week and a half later and I can't remember what it said, but the weeks were being on it. That is of course when I started googling and a lot of doctors don't like them because it measures hcg which increases differently for each woman. So, I wouldn't get too upset if when you take it again, it isn't where you think it should be. I am now 13 weeks with a healthy baby that I hope to meet in February.
  • Thanks @rachrobertson I'm trying not anything I can to have "control" of this pregnancy. The thought of another loss may just be enough to break me.
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  • Pregnancy after a loss is terrifying. I am past the point that we lost our last pregnancy and still scared of losing this one. I hope everything goes smoothly for you this pregnancy.
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