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Sippy Cup Challenge

My DS is 16 months and won't take to a sippy cup. He was a mostly bottlefed baby, and our doctor said it was fine to give him bottles (we only give him milk and water) if that's his continued preference. We've tried several different kinds of sippy cups, which usually result in him throwing them after a sip or 2. He has shown an interest in straws, so we bought a couple cups with them, but they aren't the easiest to suck out of.

I'm not opposed to continuing his bottles, especially water before nap/bedtime, but he has an AWFUL habit of flipping the bottle over and watching the milk/water drip out. Obviously, the former in the car on a hot day is less than ideal.

Anyone else deal with similar issues and have any advice?

Re: Sippy Cup Challenge

  • We had a hard time getting DD to take a sippy cup at first. Ended up buying a Nuby 3 stage cup. First stage is with a bottle-style nipple and no handles. Then you can add the handles to make it more like a sippy cup, and finally replace the bottle nipple with one like a sippy cup spout. Once she got used to that, we tried out some others and love the Dr. Browns cups... only ones I've found that legitimately do not leak! Good luck!
  • We had to try a bunch of different cups before we found one our DD would drink from. now she accepts water out of almost anything but wont drink milk from a cup at all :/ To get away from the bottle what worked for us was to eliminate bottles during the day, only giving one 8 oz bottle in the morning and one in the evening but only sippy or straw cups during the day. If she asked for her bottle we always told her "Only after your bath tonight, its the rule" which she accepted after a couple cranky days. Eventually she drank water willingly out of a cup all day long and once that happened we transitioned away from the morning and evening bottle all together. Now she wont drink milk out of anything (since we took away her bottles) but she gets dairy other ways so Im not too concerned as long as she is staying hydrated.

    My Dr told us that as long as you are bushing their teeth before bed its not bad to give a bottle, just don't let them sleep with it because of tooth decay etc.

    Good Luck!
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  • I would not be giving bottles at all at 16 months. It's just going to get harder and harder to take it away as he gets older.

    If you offer a sippy of milk and he doesn't want it then oh well. He doesn't HAVE to have milk. Kids get plenty of calcium from other foods so believe it or not he doesn't need that milk.

    Eventually, if you are consistent and only offer a cup, he will drink out of it if he wants the milk.

    (My 10 month old drinks out of a hard spout sippy and a straw cup so it sounds like your son just doesn't want to. It's a battle of wills!)

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