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Spoon 'n' Fork Training

According to my pediatrician, my little buddy should be able to use a spoon by the time he's two.

A lot of moms have recommended thick things like applesauce or mashed potatoes, but he isn't interested in things like that. 90% of what he eats is more what I would call "fork foods". Except maybe his morning cereal, which he eats milk. (Just how he likes it.)

Even so, I give him the utensil that is most appropriate for the meal, and he would rather just use his fingers. He does better with a fork, but it's still pretty rare. He'll be two in early November, and I'm starting to worry that I'm doing something wrong. =o/

I always applaud and get excited when he actually does use his fork. We use our forks and spoons in front of him. I'm not sure what else to do.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

Re: Spoon 'n' Fork Training

  • You aren't doing anything wrong! You LO will get there and show interest when he's ready. Maybe try to put thicker things on his spoon, so he can pick it up? We do that a lot with DS. He also likes big serving spoons and will actually eat things like couscous from them (although it usually falls to the floor). Just stay consistent and have fun with it.

  • DS gives up on the spoon if it's something he can pick up and keeps dipping the wrong end in but what worked the best was if he really liked it, he worked that spoon! The thing he liked the best was banana pudding. It's thick enough to stick to the spoon and so tasty he didn't want to give up on it. Also yogurt with granola and berries are more ideas.
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  • It'll come.  My son only uses it sometimes and I know he just prefers hands. They will get more of an interest at some point.
  • You're doing what you can so don't stress this. It's not a big deal at all. Keep giving him utensils and he will figure it out.

  • I know I'm posting a little late in the game but I have noticed that my son gets frustrated easily if it is not an item that he can use his utensil for easily.  He loves yogurt and loves to feed himself in the morning.  To make the yogurt a little thicker we usually add some oatmeal.  At first I would freak out when he tried to feed himself because of the mess, but quickly got over that! He will scoop yogurt until he gets tired of eating too slow and then beings to feed himself with his hands.  Heck the other night I looked over and he was licking the remaining yogurt out of the bowl.  Your little one will get the hang of it when he sees the point of using the utensil.  Until then he will probably continue to use his God given utensils..his hands :)
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