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Monday I have my appointments with UCSF first I'm seeing a cardiologist than my little girl will get an echo than I have my genetic testing after that I have my ultrasound. And my last appointment of the day I get the results of her echo and ultrasound. I am starting to get really nervous and my anxiety is acting up bad. If anything is wrong with her we still love her the same it's just the fact that we will know for sure sinice we have been told possibly she may have a cleft lip

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    Sending good vibes your way and I completely appreciate the anxiety that comes along w/extra testing/scans. I am glad to hear you will get the results the same day. I am also having a fetal echo in a month bc baby has down's. I am sure I will feel the same way. UCSF has a great reputation! Please keep us posted and feel free to PM me if you need an ear.
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  • Hopefully it'll be all good news and everything will be perfect! Wishing you the best!!
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