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6ww check in

i seen my baby's heart beat!! Everything looks like it's right on track and I'll be getting off my meds soon too since my blood work came back with great results . So happy
Anyone else have any updates ?

Re: 6ww check in

  • @c0513 congratulations on hearing a heartbeat!
    You should join the 1st tri check in, there are a bunch of ladies at the same stage!

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  • Congratulations! I had my viability scan today. My RE does an earlier ultrasound at around 6 weeks to make sure the embryo implanted in the uterus, and we saw a heartbeat with that one, which was reassuring, but I was still a little nervous before the second ultrasound today. Everything looks really good, thankfully, so I've been turned over to my regular OB. I can't wait until I'm past the first trimester! I'm still a little anxious, but I suppose that's normal.
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  • Tomorrow is my last u/s with my IVF doc then I go to my OB the following week .. Nervous and anxious as well and 100% ready for the 2nd trimester especially if it means not being nauseous all the time :)
  • Congrats @kcbarbo78 and @C0513.  I hope everything goes well with the u/s today! Keep us posted.  I have mine on Monday and if all is well I will be turned over to a regular OB while still being monitored by my RE.  I am also ready for the 2nd tri I just want to know that everything is going to be okay.  There is so much relief after each appointment, and then nervousness waiting for the next one.  
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