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The magic of multiples

I'm the first to admit that life can be quite busy and overwhelming with more than one. Although I love it & wouldn't trade it for the world, I often describe my life as very "assembly-line-ish." I also sometimes scoff at the troubles of singleton moms, even though it isn't fair and I'm not proud of myself for doing so. But today I experienced a bit of "twin magic" that really renewed my sense of joy and melted my heart just a bit. Thought I would share. After an extra fussy morning, I put my 17 wo twins in the same crib for a few minutes so I could have my hands free for a quick chore. Came back and DS was petting DD's cheek. They both looked so happy! He did it for over 20 minutes until he fell asleep. She just looked at him peacefully the whole time. It was awesome!

Re: The magic of multiples

  • Absolutely adorable. I love this! I can't wait to see these interactions with my babies too.

    Two years, two losses and three IUIs...

    We are having TRIPLETS!

    EDD 1/26/16

     GGB born November 2015!

  • Me too!!!
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  • That is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. :)
  • This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. My boys are only 4wks and when we put them together one always moves toward the other and one tries to get away! Lol. Hopefully they will be as loving as yours eventually.
  • That is the best.   Sometimes I'll find my kiddos holding hands <3  It melts my heart.
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