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OB/GYN recommendations?

Can anyone recommend an OB/GYN in Manhattan or Queens? Looking for someone, who makes you feel at ease and does not "rush". Someone who will be able to safely deliver the baby and help throughout pregnancy.

Re: OB/GYN recommendations?

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    My doc is great - he specializes in high risk so I was glad to have him when I had a mmc. He's always been gentle, never in a rush, and his staff are all amazing ladies - they even helped me out when I was in between insurances :) He's affiliated with a hospital in Queens but you'll have to check whether he does deliveries. (I may not be here for my delivery)

    Dr. Daniel Faustin at 461 Park Ave South, New York NY. Office days are Wed & Sat.
  • I really like my doctor.  She's on the Upper East Side, not sure if you're limited to where in Manhattan you want to be.  She's affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital.  Dr. Natalie Stevens her office is on 76th and 3rd

    Good luck in your search!
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  • Spring obgyn who are affiliated with NYU. I also have seen dr Nagy at Weil Cornell downtown and she's great but NYU is a NICU 3 hospital so I switched to spring obgyn
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