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hey all!
I do crossfit and power lifting, I am curious if anyone has found evidence based information regarding heart rate zones during pregnancy?
I am 21 weeks pregnant, and according to information I've found, pre-pregnancy my maximum heart rate is 193, so if I'm basing it off of not exceeding 80% of that I should stay around 155. Anyone an expert?

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  • I was about to ask the same question (I'm finally using the search bar, ha!). I'm not doing crossfit (only weight lifting and aerobics) but I'm a little bit worried that my heart rate could arm the baby... while all I want to do is get healthier for him!
  • I totally understand that feeling. I found out that 160 is about as high as mine should go for spurts of workouts. Not sustained. If I keep it between 140 and 150 for cardio I'm doing good otherwise I start to get dizzy occasionally. Good luck. Do you have a heart rate monitor? I got one and it has helped me tremendously
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  • I don't have a heart monitor, so this is why I don't know what to do to track my heart rate. On the treadmill and on the elliptical, I can see it though. When I work out, I usually go with my feeling to see if I'm going above my limits (I make sure I can still talk while exercising, drink plenty of water, etc). I'm just a bit worried about that heart rate thing.
  • Everything I have read suggests trying to keep your heartrate at or under 140 when exercising.  That's what I aim for when running.  With that being said, at 140 I often feel like I am barely exerting myself.  I'm used to really pushing myself when I work out.
  • I've heard the 140 rule was antiquated and it depends more on what your max heart rate was prior to pregnancy
  • Ditto what @katiegaribay said. I've always had a high resting heart rate (like high 80s), so when I workout, it skyrockets.

    I've tried to just listen to and trust my body's signals.
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    Definitely listen to your body.  I've been doing the same type of workouts since I found out (plyometrics, cardio, strength), and my doctor said I can keep everything the same throughout the pregnancy so I guess that means my heart rate can stay the same throughout then too.
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  • My midwife said keep below 140 but I also read online that's outdated information and to listen to your body. I ran before I was pregnant and I am 14 1/2 weeks and trying to get back into running routine but noticed my heart rate shoots right over 140 when I run but I feel completely fine. To be safe, I've been sticking to walking and I might ask for a second opinion from a doctor or different midwife. At my doctor office we see a different midwife every appointment we don't get to choose who (my husbands military so I'm seen on base).
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  • Yes listen to your body. 140 is outdated info but for me my heart rate always has been high so I have to stay under 190 when I work out. I was able to run till about 25 weeks now im 32 weeks. After 25 weeks I couldn't catch my breathe I'd get dizzy fast and my HR was around 180 when it would happen. I stopped immediately running went down from a 2 mile run 5x a week to a 1/2 mile walk before my work out now. Don't push yourself listen to your body. I'd monitor your HR while working out if you feel normal and its a little over 140 I wouldn't sweat it no nobody knows your body better then you. Talk with your doctor or consult a trainer at a local gym about it.
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