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Hi all!
I am anxiously waiting for AF so we can start our FET. We did 1 fresh transfer and was unsuccessful so my DH and I are praying and have everything crossed to get that BFP for a healthy pregnancy and baby!!
I would really love to hear all your stories! Thanks to boards like this I find so much comfort and support with you all!

Re: Support with FET

  • Hi
    I did my first ivf in 2013 fresh cycle didn't work. I did my first FET on August 2013 and it was BFP. Now I am pregnant with twins since I transfer 2 on my second FET. I wish you all the best. :)
  • Hi! You might also like the group Secondary IF for ladies dealing with infertility after having at least one child. There is also a standard IF board for anyone dealing with this. They are going through this at the same time and might be a great support for you.

    I went through two IUIs and three IVF cycles before finally conceiving my little boy bean. Full details in my sig. Good luck to you!

    Me: 35 DOR - AMH 1.1 FSH 5.6

    DH: 39

    09/01/10 - First pregnancy - my sweet son was born 

    04/25/14 - Miscarriage at 9 weeks - Turner Syndrome 

    08/01/14 - Miscarriage at 8 weeks - Trisomy 9 

    October 2014 - Unsuccessful IUI 

    November 2014 - IUI month skipped due to cyst 

    December 2014 - Unsuccessful IUI 

    January/February 2015 - Failed IVF (standard long protocol) - 7 eggs, 6 mature, 4 fertilized (ICSI), 0 made it to blast, 0 for testing 

    March/April 2015 - Microflare IVF protocol with HGH - 6 eggs, 6 mature, 5 fertilized (ICSI), 2 blasts for biopsy! 

    May/June 2015 - Microflare IVF protocol with HGH - 9 eggs, 6 mature, 5 fertilized (ICSI), 3 blasts for biopsy!

    06/18/15 -  Two healthy embies based on PGS testing by Natera!

    June/July 2015 - FET cycle with estradiol & PIO shots, a Neupogen treatment, and accupuncture

    07/08/2015 - Transferred one lovely embie 

    07/17/2015 - Beta #1 136

    07/20/2015 - Beta #2 529 -- BFP!!!

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  • I wasn't able to do a fresh transfer bc of OHSS. I was crushed. Due to scheduling conflicts, I had to wait 6 months after my retrieval before I could get an FET. I wasn't happy with the wait, but it was worth it. BFP! I'm currently at 34 weeks. Ironically, I'm glad I had the 6 month wait, bc my SIL and some close friends have all gotten pregnant recently. Our babies will all be about the same age and it's nice to have friends going through pregnancy at the same time. 

    All the best to you; I've heard that FETs can be more successful that fresh. 
  • Best wishes to you! My RE actually won't do fresh transfers because she's found a statistically significant rate of failure in fresh cycles compared to frozen. (Now, I know there are plenty out there who've had success with fresh cycles, I'm just sharing what my doctor has concluded from her research and experience.) The hubby and I were really anxious to get pregnant once we decided to do IVF after a nearly 8 year struggle with infertility, so having to wait another month after my retrieval felt like forever, but it was worth it - our first FET was successful. (Currently 9wks with twins.) Prayers for a successful FET for you! Keep us posted!
  • @melliemamma congrats on your twins! Thanks for sharing your story and it does help me stay positive!
    I had my (1 embie w/ assist to hatch) FET on Friday the 4th so I'm in the TWW (10 days actually). BETA is scheduled for the 14th. DH and I pray this works!

    GL and here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy for you!

    Continued prayers for all during this IVF journey!!
  • @PrayingMom2Be Praying for a successful implantation of your embie! And a quick and stress-free wait until beta day! Please keep us posted.
  • 3 FET and 3 pregnancies. The first was ectopic. The 2nd resulted in twins. I had the 3rd on Aug 26. Beta are doubling everything looks great and first scn set for the 22nd.

    Good luck!


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  • @melliemamma Congrats with your success I thought I'd be on the same boat after 10 years of Infertility we had a failed fresh cycle I feel I had OHSS but RE told me all was fine we transferred 1 and got a BFN then we waiting the period between and tried again this time FET transferred 2 did everything this time I had no idea about last time pineapple, Brazil nuts, acupuncture, warm feet warm foods, Moxa everything and we got our only BFP in 10 years..... 3 days later I started to brown spot :( found out a week later my beta went from 681 to 81 yesterday so I lost our baby and RE contributes it to not being on PIO injections to start with, im so lost right now im so hurt I still can't believe this is our reality and im starting to wonder was I ever even pregnant? Was this a chem pregnancy how could I go from 132, 207, 681, and now 81 it's just so fishy doesn't make sense but I'm hoping to be in your shoes one day I'll take whatever im blessed with I just want to be blessed that's the hard part!! Thank you for listening to me rant :( XoXo Much blessing to you and your growing family!! :)
  • @kmartinez209 I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I can understand what a difficult and confusing time this must be for you and I wish you all the best for your recovery and healing through this heartbreak. If it were me, I would focus on the positive that you were finally able to get pregnant. This one may not have stuck and who knows if you'll be able to get the answer as to why, but have hope for the next time and when you're ready, try again. If your RE suspects progesterone may have been an issue, certainly insist that they handle that differently next time. My RE had me on Crinone 8% progesterone suppositories twice a day starting 5 days before my FET. I'm currently 10 weeks and still on them, though I was just allowed to reduce to once a day because my progesterone FINALLY hit 30 this week. Low progesterone is often a concern with us infertiles...not sure if your RE had you on any progesterone support, but if not, I would say that needs to be addressed before your next cycle. Lots of prayers and best wishes for you on your continued journey for a family! Keep checking in and let us know how you're doing!
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