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Frustrated and violent?

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Does anyone else's 8 mo old seem to have violent tendencies when they seem frustrated or angry? My DD will hit, pinch and violently grab my husband and I when she's upset. Is violence instinctual? Is this normal development? What should we do to correct this behavior before it gets out of hand? Thanks!

Re: Frustrated and violent?

  • My LO is the same way, she hits and scratches. Sometimes she does it to herself by raking her hands across her ears
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    It's totally normal. She's not on her way to being a sociopath, she just doesn't know better. ;)
    We will hold our LOs arm and give a firm, unemotional "no." He seems to think us yelping or getting upset is funny and does it more. We also try distraction or calming him down somehow. Usually he's fussy cause he's overtired so nap time helps. They are still too young to know better or really to hold on to "lessons" for long so don't be worried if corrections don't stick for a while yet. Just try to show your LO how to be gentle and distract her when you can. She'll grow out of it.
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