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High-Risk Pregnancy

Announcing high risk pregnancy

Is anyone else afraid to announce their pregnancy publicly, like on Facebook our to people who can't see your growing belly? I'm definitely showing and all our family and close friends know but I'm hesitant to make a big deal about it because I'm terrified something bad is going to happen.
I'm 15 weeks and my ob keeps reassuring me that everything is going well but I'm having trouble being as optimistic with this pregnancy.

Re: Announcing high risk pregnancy

  • Then don't announce it on social media.  I know lots of friends that don't make big elaborate announcements.  Sometimes I have found out when they post baby shower pics or something like that much later.  Sorry you are feeling that way. 
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  • I just announced on facebook last week, when I hit 26 weeks/3rd trimester.  

    Just wait until you feel comfortable.  If that isn't until after baby is born, then so be it.  If they aren't close enough to you to know before then, then they can't be offended that you didn't tell sooner.
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  • I'm 22 weeks, high risk, and still haven't announced. My grandparents don't even know yet. We had a loss in September at 16w4d when my water broke spontaneously. My close friends know, immediate family, and coworkers, but that's it. We announced our pregnancy that ended in a loss at 13 weeks on FB with a pic of DD in a "Best Sister Ever!" tshirt. We didn't announced the loss either as it was too hard. We just let word travel through family/close friends and I turned off my FB for awhile.
    If you're not comfortable, don't announce. I have no plans to until at the very earliest, 26-30 weeks. Even then, I won't make a big deal of it.
  • I'm almost 30 weeks and still haven't announced.  I think i'm just going to post a picture of the baby once s/he arrives.  Do whatever makes your comfortable.
  • Agreed. I'm 8 weeks and high risk since I'm 38. This is my first and unplanned. We're thrilled but terrified something is going to happen. I'm on a Facebook group where everyone is posting their announcements. Personally, I would NEVER announce a pregnancy at 8 weeks, high risk or not. Different stokes, I guess. My close friends and some family know, but I doubt we'll do a formal FB announcement.
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