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Excited and nervous

My AF is late so yesterday morning I took a HPT and it was positive. This morning I tried a digital HPT and it said Pregnant 2-3 weeks. It's early but I'm so happy and nervous at the same time. I already had a Dr appt set up for next week so I will utilize that to confirm. It will be my second pregnancy, first one ended up a blighted ovum back in June. I really hope this is our sticky baby!

Re: Excited and nervous

  • Even though you have an appointment next week, you might go ahead and call your OB office. My office likes to get me in within 1-2 business days for lab work to check HCG and progesterone levels due to a history of mc. 
  • Congrats! I hope this is your sticky baby!!
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  • I just called the Dr office and they rescheduled my appt for August 26th, and will do the bloodwork and ultrasound then. Darn, I was hoping to get in next week. Even though this is my second pregnancy, since the first one ended in mc early its all still new to me, and I guess I'm still not sure how they determine how far along I am. I told them the digital HPT read 2-3 weeks but they are saying I should be 7-8 weeks when I come in for my appt on the 26th. Are those tests usually that far off?
  • I never used the digital pregnancy test but I know hCG doesn't really determine how far you are. They really just test to see that the number is riding. Some women have lower numbers at first but the still double.
  • Those tests signify fetal age, add two weeks to that and that is how far along you are. So, if you are 3 weeks pregnant now based on the hpt, you are actually 5 weeks pregnant.
  • Ok, thanks for the information!
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