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How long

Think this would be a better place to ask this. For people that track their cycles how long after your miscarriage did it take to ovulate?

Re: How long

  • I had a stillborn, it was the 2nd month for me
  • With my mc in Oct I stopped trying and just waited for my period to show up, which took 8 or 9 weeks from the time my HCG was 0. 
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  • For both my MC's, I didn't ovulate the cycles immediately following my D&Cs - and the cycles lasted 48 and 57 days, respectively.  I went back to ovulating at about my regular time the 2nd cycle post-MC each time, however.
    DD 7/10
    MC 3/12
    MC 7/12
    DS 7/13
    BFP #5 - EDD 3/25/16
  • I'm not sure I ovulated the first month, but got a period 20 days after my D&C. Things were very funky for 2 months after that-- I used LH strips and had nearly positive tests for about 2 weeks both cycles before getting an actual positive (I ovulated on day 14 in March and day 22 in April--based on my luteal phase always being 11 days). Prior to the MMC, I had one LH surge day and very little build and taper. Because of the LH weirdness and my cycles being all over the place, I starting temping in May, ovulated on day 16, and got pregnant. I think it was luck (and my husband not traveling for work) more than temping, but it did help me chill out a bit.
  • It took me exactly six weeks to get a period. I'm not sure about ovulation because the faces on the sticks went crazy for me!
  • Four weeks after my d&c on the dot. I got pregnant on the next cycle. I was surprised. I thought it would be a while considering I had a mmc at 12weeks. I probably did ovulate on that first cycle. I had a ll the signs. But I want to wait at least one cycle.
  • @Hipshaker ... how are you handling the stress of being preg after a late loss? I'm freaking Out!
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