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Short naps

My daughter is 5 months old and ever since she was 2 months she only sleeps 30 mins per nap or sometimes even 20 mins. She takes 3 naps per day. I've tried everything from rocking her up sleep with white noise , holding her, everything . Help please what can I do ??

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  • To help her sleep longer...
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  • I so wish I had an answer but I'm in the exact same boat!
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  • I have the same thing happening. I've just accepted it to be honest. He seems happy and sleeps through the nights most of the time. When I know it's almost nap time I like to put him in my ring sling if I want to get something done. That way I don't have to run upstairs to get him when he wakes up mid task.
  • My LO sort of varies: long naps occasionally, short but more frequent naps more often. She sleeps almost 2 hours at night. I certainly find that her evenings are rough, but it doesn't matter whether she's had a good nap day or a bad one. So I have just accepted that she is getting enough sleep (14 1/2 hours if she sleeps through the night with three shorter naps, more if she gets longer naps). Some babies just don't nap for hours at a time!
  • Sometimes when my lo wakes up from a super short nap he will start making groaning noises. I've noticed if I ignore them for about 10 minutes he will fall back asleep. If the groans get loud or turn into wines I will go and get him but 7/10 times he will get himself back to sleep for a longer nap.
  • Mine won't take long naps but maybe once a week. My Mil thinks to solve the problem she should hold her all day so she will sleep and then when I bring my baby home she thinks I'm suppose to hold her all the time.
  • @chelsco13 my MIL is exactly the same. My daughter will nap for about half hour 3 times a day, she sleeps through the night until half 7 every morning so I don't mind the short napping as she lets me get on with housework etc. but my MIL seems to think that as soon as my DD whinges then she has to be picked up and rocked to sleep, which is a nightmare because now she's gotten into this habit! Before she used to spend nights at the inlaws, she would quite happily fall asleep on her own accord. Frustrating
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