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Playing Alone For Too Long?

My lo is 8 1/2 months, but was born 9 weeks early, making her development around 6 1/2 months. She likes to play for long periods of time alone (an hour or more) and I feel like I'm leaving her alone too much or should be interacting with her more. Am I doing the wrong thing by letting her play alone until she fusses?

Re: Playing Alone For Too Long?

  • I personally don't think you are doing anything wrong but I would get down on the floor with your LO every once in a while and try to play with her. This might just be a short lived phase too and she could develop separation anxiety at some point, wanting you around all the time. Hard to know so just follow her lead and don't stress this too much :)
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  • Thank you! I'm a 22 year old first time
    Mom so I'm trying the best I can but can't but feel like I'm at a loss sometimes!
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  • I'm a 34 year old mom with 2 kids and I feel lost sometimes too ;) I'm sure you are doing great. Just love your kid. Easy enough right?
  • I think it's totally fine to leave her playing alone as long as it's supervised play and the baby enjoys it.
  • I think it's pretty great that your baby is able to entertain herself for that long! My lo has the attention span of a gnat and craves human contact! A good friend of mine, though, has a 10 month old that's the same way as you described and its just his personality. He's just as happy playing by himself as he is with mommy and daddy :)
  • Try to play with her, this is the way to increase the bond between you and your baby and also it will be fun to both of you. Your LO will enjoy more if you accompany her. 
  • Id talk to your local early intervention. They can give you tips for play.
  • I don't think its an issue unless she is playing by herself all day. My LO enjoys playing by herself but just likes to be in the same room as me, which is great. The time playing by themselves allows them to think and be creative and also to practice new skills. I do also believe that each baby has its own personality, so part of it can be attributed to that. Again, I wouldn't worry, make sure you do play with her, but she its good for her to also play on her own. All us mommas feel at a loss sometimes! You are doing great!
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