How soon after your c-section did you...?

My youngest being born more than a decade ago, my days in the hospital after c-section are scant.

How long after your c-section did you:

Eat your first "real" meal?
Go home?

Re: How soon after your c-section did you...?

  • My youngest being born more than a decade ago, my days in the hospital after c-section are scant.

    How long after your c-section did you:

    Eat your first "real" meal?
    Go home?

    3days for real food clear liquids the first day after the c-section
    I was walking to the bathroom the same day-about 8 hours afterward (they wanted me to wait until the next morning, but I convinced them Icould feel my legs and it would be fine)
    Shower was second day post op and I couldn't do much for myself.
    Usually you stay at the hospital 2-3 days after a c-section without complications. I went in on a Tuesday afternoon. Baby was born early Wednesday morning and we were discharged Saturday early afternoon.
  • Eat your first "real" meal?
    -2 days after. They told me I had to fart and I could eat real food...what do you think I worked my hardest at doing?! Then as soon as I did, I hit the nurse call button and let the world know!

    - day 1 they had to remove my catheter because it kept getting kinks in it. I was forced to walk (or pee the bed).

    -day 3. I was feeling pretty gross. My husband had the nurse bring in a shower chair and helped me with my first post c section shower. It was so refreshing!

    Go home?
    - day 4. My husband was up early that day. He was running around packing, and kept asking the nurse when the doctors were gonna get there. He didn't want to spend one more night on the pull out bed in my room!
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  • Had LO at 2:10 p.m. on Monday.  Walked late that night.  Was able to eat breakfast the next day, though it was around 11 a.m.  I showered later that evening.  Went home on Thursday. 
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  • Had baby at about 3am on a friday. Catheter came out at 8am. Walking assisted shortly after catheter but had to restrict walking (walked to NICU by noon, nurse yelled at me lol). Clear fluids for 24 hours (till I farted). Showered alone day 3. Was discharged shower day! (3 days).
  • Baby out at 11am on Wednesday. Real food at 7am Thursday. Stood up Wed night and walked Thursday morning. Shower Thursday afternoon. Went home Saturday morning more because my baby was in the NICU until Friday.
  • #1 Ate real food as soon as I was out of recovery at 2hrs. Catheter out and walking 6hrs after surgery. Shower day 1. Home 1.5 days after section.

    #2 real food 6hrs after. Catheter out and walking 8hrs after surgery. Shower day 1. Home 2 days.

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  • My Peanut was born on a Sunday at 7:44 pm via Cesearan, in my room by 9 pm, ate at 11 pm. Noon the next day I was standing and slowly walking to the bathroom..(I requested no pain mess so they unhooked me from everything ASAP, I suggest not doing that just to keep the catheter in longer...trust me... Getting on and off that bed was terrible). I showered that night and was released the next morning.
  • I had both my csections before 3pm I had a real meal that same day for both. I walked the next day with my first but the same day with my second. For showering I did the two days after csection. I went home on day 4.
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  • Thanks everyone! Talked to the dr at my check-up yesterday and she said walking w/in 18-24 hours of surgery. Eating real food within 6 hours (nothing too heavy, though.) Shower as soon as I feel up to it after I start walking. She discharges 96 hours after surgery.
  • I had mine in the evening. Lol. I was starving afterwards. I had a snack and my first real meal was breakfast the next morning. 
    I was up walking around the next morning. 
    I also took a shower the next morning.
    I went home after three nights (I had mine on a Friday evening and was discharged Monday afternoon). 
  • Little man was born at 332pm on friday ate some chips in recovery around 5pm and a hamburger around 1030pm.
    I walked to the bathroom and took a shower around 930 am on Saturday
    Latee Saturday evening i was walking the halls on the unit and pushing the bassinet
    I begged to be discharged (and was obliged) Sunday at 2pm.
  • Baby was born at 16:09, walked the next morning around 11, real food that afternoon (late lunch), Sunday morning, came home Monday. Still have damn catheter for 7-10 days. Mine was a bit more involved that a standard csection.
  • I had my csection at 2pm and I walked at 4am, showered the next morning at 7am and ate breakfast. Unfortunately the spinal made me so sick to my stomach.
  • -Baby girl born at 12:59 pm on Wednesday the 16th. 
    -Ate first real meal the next morning around 8am. Honestly I was more excited to be able to drink water, which they let me do late in the afternoon after the surgery. 
    -Walked the next day in the afternoon. It was one of the most painful things I've EVER experienced. They tried to get me out of bed a few hours before that and I literally couldn't do it, the pain was so bad I cried. 
    -Haven't actually showered yet! OB told me to stick to sponge baths for the first few days after we go home. It's kind of gross but it is what it is!
    -Went home Sunday afternoon after five days in the hospital. I was so grateful we got to spend so much time there because the nurses took such great care of us and it was such a special time for us to bond without worrying about a lot of things. 
  • I had a real meal after LO was born about 4hrs later. I was starving because I couldn't eat anything for almost 11hrs. I walked the next day but not too far like to the bathroom and back. It was my first time so I didn't know what to expect because my body doesn't like pain very much lol. I was cleared to go home 2 days later.
  • Eat your first "real" meal? - 26 hours - DD was born via Emergency CS, at 3 am, so I didn't get real food to the next morning. Before that, just jello

    Walk - about 6 hours
    Shower - I could have showered whenever, but I think I waited till I went home.

    Go home - She was born at 3 am Thursday, I went home Friday in the afternoon discharge.

    This time around, I doubt they'll let me go home that quickly, but I'd like to. I hate "sleeping" in the hospital. They check on you every 30 minutes, and theres no sleep. I want to go home ASAP
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  • How long after your c-section did you:

    Eat your first "real" meal?
        I had my son right before 8am and I was in my room eating by 1pm.
        I walked to my recovery room on my own about 4 1/2 hrs after c-section
       Right about 24 hrs after birth
    Go home?
       I only stayed 2 days compared to the normal 3.  Felt great and just wanted to be in my own house.
  • I had LO Sunday night at 10:21 by c section after babys heart rate kept dipping during my 18 hrs of labor.
    First real meal was lunch the bext day, even though I hadnt eaten in so long food was my last priority.
    Walk, was monday after lunch when they unhooked my iv/catheter/ect. It was unimaginably difficult for me.
    Showered late monday night with a shower chair while baby was having newborn testing done. I think I sat in the shower for an hour and a half. It was so refreshing.
    I went home wednesday mid morning and by then I was walking fairly well (but not far)

    Im exactly 2 weeks pp and I feel fantastic! Im ready to resume an active life!
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    First real meal: Breakfast the next day (surgery was at 12:30pm). They let me have dinner that day but said to order bland foods so I had chicken soup and mashed potatoes. Had whatever I wanted the next morning.

    Walking: 5am the morning after, to the bathroom after getting my catheter out.

    Shower: Day 3, but they would have allowed me to on Day 2.

    Go home: Day 3. My OB came by on Day 2 and said I could on Day 3 or wait until Day 4, whatever I felt was best for me. Most people I've talked to didn't go home until Day 4.
  • I've had 2, I'll share both experiences :)

    First real meal: 1st, supper day after c section. 2nd, breakfast day after c section

    Walking: 1st, c section at 430pm walking 330 am. 2nd, as soon as I had feeling in my legs I called the nurse to walk, I was ready.

    Shower: 1st, day 3 after c section. 2nd, chose to wait until I went home.

    Go home: 1st, day 4 after c section. 2nd, day 3 after c section.
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