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After bassinet...?

Hi lovely people!
My 4 month old is almost too big for her bassinet and I'm struggling to decide what to buy for her to sleep in. I'm not ready to put her in her own room as she still wakes up every couple of hours to nurse but space is limited in our bedroom so I don't think a crib is the best solution . I'm looking at pack n plays but not sure if they will be comfy and big enough to last a while!
What are other Mum's using when they are room sharing?

Re: After bassinet...?

  • Our 5 month old is in a pack-n-play in our room.  It has a 'bassinet' option - basically the full size of the PNP base but raised so its closer to the top.  She has a crib, but it in a room shared with her brother & I don't need him waking up when she does, so she's still with us.  My son still fits in the PNP when its set up normally & he's 2...its getting tight when he stretches out, but he fits.  Its a Graco PNP that we received as a gift when my DS was born.
  • We have her crib side-carred to our bed.image
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  • I don't know what happened to the rest of my post? That's not my pic, just a google search but ours is set up the same way. 

    Or maybe a mini crib?
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  • Hi honkytonk kid. Is that just a regular crib with one side taken off or is it specifically made for side carring?
  • I know PNPs have a mattress you can get. If you don't want to do the full crib option. My parents have one at their house for when we visit. It's pretty nice and about 2"-3" thick, compared to that thin liner they come standard with. Fits in nice and snug too.
  • @flohal
    We did it with a regular crib. Took the side off, used bungee cords to attach it to our bed, and made sure there's not a gap between mattresses. Google it for more directions and safety considerations. We love it!
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  • we use a pack n play in our room for our almost 6 month old. it has bassinet option for up to 15lbs (she is abt 13lbs so we have a little longer to go). she sleeps thru the night 9.5 or 10 hrs but im just not ready for her to be in her own room yet even tho it is right across the hall! im not sure if we will put her in crib at 15lbs or just remove bassinet setting from pack n play. she seems comfy, doesnt fuss goes to bed easily so i would say pack n play works great!
  • H and I are currently transitioning LO out of her bassinet, too. We are on day 2 of trying to teach her to self-soothe in her pack n play. It seems big enough for her to sleep and play in. Her pack n play will be our only option when we're on vacation, so I'm hoping she learns to like it!
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  • We had our guy in a chicco pack n play with a pack n play mattress from day 1. He hated the bassinet and rock n play. Once he became really mobile at 5 months, the surface was too soft for him to flip and move around. I decided to transition him to his crib and he sleeps SO much better! He likes the firm mattress and room to move. His constantly flips from tummy to back and vice versa throughout the night.
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