clots after c section

I'm 19 days pp...2nd c section, 18 months apart. I had the normal bleeding afterwards and I'd say by day 5 it was gone. The break lasted about 4 days, I strained to have a b/m and bleeding began again. It has been fairly light, but today I passed 2 small clots this morning. I didn't think much of it but then this afternoon I passed 2 larger clots within about 2 min of each other, about the size of a ping pong ball. Anyone have any experience with this? Should I be concerned? I don't remember this with my first. I tried to call my doctors office but they were closed of course.

Re: clots after c section

  • I ended up having a D&C about 6-7 weeks after my c section because they left some placenta inside. Apparently pretty rare with a c section but it does happen. My main symptom was passing several large clots a day, almost grapefruit-sized. I kept calling my dr office for over a week and they kept telling me not to worry about it unless I was soaking more than a pad an hour. I wasn't but I also just knew something wasn't right! So I ended up lying and telling them I was dizzy so they would see me! Sure enough, they did an ultrasound and saw the retained placenta. So I would definitely keep an eye on it & if they keep up and/or get bigger, definitely get it checked out! Good luck! It's definitely no fun, especially when you are trying to care for your LO.
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