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Another update into my roller coaster ride… I guess I am back on board :)

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Hi Ladies!

The past few weeks have been an incredible roller coaster for my husband and I… See previous update here https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/comment/87490453#Comment_87490453 

Basically we went from doing IVF with a single egg and single embryo…. To finding out we were pregnant… To finding out my HCGs sucked… To having a pregnancy of unknown location…. And THEN, today happened.

Basically my first HCG at 4 weeks was 80, then at 4w2d it was 160, then at 4w6d it was only 280 (doubling time 118 hours), 5 weeks it was only 320 (doubling time 121 hours). On that day I had an ultrasound and nothing was seen anywhere, and I was diagnosed with a pregnancy of unknown location (with significant concerns for an ectopic).

Then last friday at 5w2d it went up to 580 (doubling time 56 hours) and an ultrasound saw 3 tiny cystic structures in the endometrium that remained undefined. 

Today, 5w 6d my HCG shot up to 2764 (doubling time 43 hours) and on ultrasound we saw a definitive INTRA UTERINE gestational sac with a yolk sac!!! No embryo seen yet, but it is not expected to see an embryo at my HCG levels. My progesterone has been good all along (around 60). The doctors were much more optimistic and I was relieved!!! Relieved not only to know FOR SURE I don't have an ectopic pregnancy, but to know that there is still hope for my little firecracker embryo!!!

I go back in another 1.5 weeks for another ultrasound to see the progress. Doctors won't check HCG anymore as the sonographic landmarks are more relevant now. I know many things can still happen… This could be a blighted ovum, it could be an abnormal baby…. But I'm trying to live today and not worry about tomorrow. Today I am pregnant and I am loving it again. :) As long as this little stubborn embryo is not giving up on me, I'm not giving up on him/her either!

Thanks for the positive thoughts and vibes you sent last week. Still many hurdles ahead, but we'll go one day at a time.

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Re: Another update into my roller coaster ride… I guess I am back on board :)

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