Scared of 2nd c section.

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I'm going in for my second c section at the end of the month. My first was 18 months ago. I'm terrified of complications...and even dying. I wish I wouldn't think like this but I can't help it. I just think of my son and soon to be daughter not having a mom, and me, not being able to see my babies grow up! Any other moms out there, nervous? Or am I just being crazy?

Re: Scared of 2nd c section.

  • I'm having my 2nd c section Wednesday. The anxiety is through the roof. I have the same fears as you. I think it's completely normal.
  • Thank you for replying! Thinking of you! Good luck tomorrow and congrats on your new baby! <3
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  • Yes, it is a very real fear of mine, and it makes me feel guilty for even thinking it, but also guilty that there is even a possibility that I could leave my children without a mother and my husband without his partner.

    My section isn't scheduled until November, but this has been a worry of mine and DH since we found out DS would be a section in 2013. The fact that DH has expressed the same worry is what really freaks me out.
  • I've thought the exact something!! Mine isn't until January. It may be more antisapation - The unknowing, similar to certain situations in life. So I'm hoping it's normal. I'll be talking to my OB about these thoughts on my next visit... Sending out positive engery ladies!!! Xo
  • I had my baby in the 12th. While I was insanely nervous and anxious the day before I was surprisingly calm the day of. It was actually better than my 1st c-section because I knew what to expect. Thoughts and prayers that you have a similar experience!
  • I'm on the schedule for my csection in 4 weeks, not only am I anxious but I have immense guilt about leaving DS and being in the hospital for a few days :(  One thing that has helped as silly as it sounds is just really realizing that I have absolutely no choice in the matter, DD has to come out somehow, and I'd probably have the same anxiety if I was having a vaginal birth.

    Also, for what it's worth, my OB said repeat c-section are very low risk in normal circumstances, and in my situation actually much lower risk than vbac..

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