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Pumping at work - efficiency tips?

Hi working moms!

I'm just starting back at work (my LO is almost 14 weeks) and I feel like I spend my whole work day preparing to pump, pumping, and washing pump parts, etc. This is even though I'm lucky enough to be able to pump in my own office and not have to leave and the kitchen/fridge are a 1 minute walk away. (I know people have much bigger hurdles and I feel very lucky!)

Does anyone have pumping hacks and tricks that make pumping at work faster and more efficient?


Re: Pumping at work - efficiency tips?

  • I can't say for sure since one of the reasons I quit so soon with my first was because of what a pain it was when I went back to work.  However, here are some things I am going to do this time to see if I can go longer:

    -  I bought some of the steam bags of cleaning pump parts.  This seems a lot easier than the whole soap, water, drying routine, and keeps them pretty clean.

    - A hands free bra so I can work and do other things while pumping.

    You are super lucky you have an office to pump in.  I am in a cubicle so have to go down two floors to the other side of a very large building.  It is usually *at least* half an hour away from my desk for each session.

    Good luck!


  • I pumped at work for 7 months. I can say this: it will get easier!

    I second a good pumping bra so you can continue to work, also, you don't have to wash your pump parts. I would just put them in my little lunch box in the fridge and as long as they stay cold, you're fine. Granted, it's a little chilly when you go to pump again, but it warms back up quick enough. Then I would just wash/sanitize at home every night.

    Also, I would leave my pump pretty much assembled during the day, in my pump bag so most of that part was done and after your first morning pump and you leave it all together and just put it in the fridge then you just screw a bottle on the bottom and put on your bra and you are good to go!

    Also, if there is any way you could possibly be walked in on, get a nursing cover!
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  • I agree with the leaving the pump parts in a bag in the fridge, then wash at the end of the day, and the hands-free bra. The best thing that I did though for the few months I did have my own office was renting a hospital grade pump and leaving it in the office. I loved that thing - more milk in less time with less pain. Worth the $45/month (my insurance didn't cover hospital grade).
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