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positive opk cm doesnt match??? help advice experiences

I just took a positive ppl test but it's to early in my cycle by like two days and my cm is still creamy which is how it is almost the whole month?? I'm so confused I just want a baby before it's too late I haven't been pregnant in 12yrs I've been off birth control awhile but haven't been ttc until two months ago

Re: positive opk cm doesnt match??? help advice experiences

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    Opk test
  • I didn't observe any EWCM until I'd charted a few cycles (and had some months of supplements under my belt). 

    But the OPK just measures your LH surge.  Some people have several surges a month, and some surge for several days before actually ovulating.  Most tend to ovulate about 24-48 hours after their peak LH surge. (You can't really confirm ovulation without either charting temperatures or ultrasound.)

    Give yourself a good three months of charting daily (CM, temps, and OPKs when they might be useful) before trying to see a pattern.  That's my advice, at least.
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  • I have the same issue. Are you only using opk strips? Once I added clearblue digital opk's to my routine, I started getting confirmation that ovulation was going to happen.

    Also, you can ovulate without ewcm.
    Hope this helps.
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  • Can you tell me more about how the clear blue opk's help you confirm that O was going to happen, @thistle8677 ? I've been using store brand but am thinking of switching for the next cycle.
  • I can jump in here.  They are digital, so you don't have to try to interpret lines.  You get high readings when estrogen surges, and a peak reading when luteinizing hormone surges.  Ovulation is supposed to happen within 24-48 hours after a peak reading.
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  • Thank you @CarrieandRoy! I was seriously going to tag you to explain.
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  • Thank you! Sounds like they are worth the money.
  • @sporty1216 I literally felt confident not even temping this month because of the clearblue digital opk.  I won't know when I actually O for sure without the temps, but I feel like as long as I keep up the bd'ing for the next few days.
    Good luck to you!
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  • If this cycle is a bust, next cycle add robitussin to your regiment. I take robitussin a few day before I expect to O
  • Same here! I was wondering if you could still ovulate w/o ewcm?????? Got a pos OPK but still had creamy CM
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