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***2nd tri check-in- 8/10/15***

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This is a weekly check-in for those in their 2nd trimester: weeks 14 through the end of week 27.

Congrats to all the strong ladies who have made it this far! It's such a great feeling and we've all accomplished so much! We are now 1 week closer to the end of this epically long journey we call "infertility".

Please post below a little about yourself, how many beans you have growing inside, if you have found out the sex(es) and what your EDD is. Please also let us know how far you've made it on your journey and when your next appt is and what for.

QOTW: What were some of your favorite books as a child to read or have read to you? 

@MrsBwIvf- EDD 12/21/15 with two beans- waiting on anatomy scan to hopefully find out the sexes
@andimegie325- EDD 1/10/16 with one bean- waiting on anatomy scan to hopefully find out the sex
@somewhereinafrica- EDD 1/8/16 With a little boy!
@MarnieF- EDD1/12/16 with one little lady!
@Emcarl24- EDD 1/21 with one bean- waiting on anatomy scan to hopefully find out the sex
@kelley421- EDD 1/26/16 with TWO girls and ONE boy! Congrats mama!!!
@knottie4978096- EDD 2/2/16 with one bean- waiting on anatomy scan to hopefully find out the sex
@shelly333- EDD? with one bean- waiting til birth to find out the sex- team Green!

Want to send a WELCOME and CONGRATS to @kelley421 and @shelly333! Welcome to phase two of pregnancy!

Re: ***2nd tri check-in- 8/10/15***

  • Within the last couple of weeks, I have felt little bubbles here and there and was hoping they weren't gas! I paid more and more attention and realized that they were little baby movements I was feeling. Then last week, I had my hand resting on my stomach and felt a "thump". I thought for sure that was gas! But then it happened again the next day in the same area. A couple of days ago, I could feel one really jiving around and put DH's hand on my stomach and he felt it on the outside for the first time!!! I was so excited for him and he gave me the most disappointed look ever! Apparently, he was expecting a Rockette kick line going on in there!

    This Friday is the BIG day! 2 hours for the anatomy scan and then an appt with the doctor. We are pretty nervous about the results but remaining optimistic. Hopefully, we find out the sexes this weekend as well! Very exciting!

    QOTW: Unfortunately, my parents were extremely busy working, going to school, and raising 4 of us kids so I didn't get a lot of special reading time with them. I am hoping to change that with my kids as I will be a SAHM. I did love when my grandma would read me The Giving Tree, so I will definitely read that to my little ones, along with Winnie the Pooh because I LOVE Winnie!! Also, as they get older, I will read them ghost stories and mystery books that my great aunt wrote over the years. She recently passed away and they found an abundance of copies of her books at her estate. One of her children gathered them up and let us all sort through them to take what we wanted. I grabbed one of each and proudly have them displayed in our living room library.
  • Hello

    EDD 8/01/16 but being told to expect an eager arrival!

    So I had another bleed form also under the placenta but the old one reabsorbed. Docs put me on daily progesterone jabs and continue the strict bed rest! 16 days in bed so far ... Yikes!

    A friend had come to stay which has been great and I'm getting loads of bed bound stuff done.

    I can feel baby move too! Loving it!!!

    I'm taking things a day at a time, ducks started scaring me a little saying I may not be able to fly commercially so now looking into options such as medical flight to SOuth Afica. But I'm holding on to the hope that this is my last hematoma and I'll be able to fly Europe and stay with my mum!

    Same question as last week?!
    Well I'm now planning details of trips to take with babies! Bed rest is good lots of time to research! It's interesting that as tines gone on I have realized you either find the good or lose your mind ..... So far I still got my mind!
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    @somewhereinafrica, sorry it posted before I changed the question! It's fixed now! I'm sorry you're having another bleed but I'm glad you are following the doctor's orders. I'm sure you're getting bored with bed rest but it is for the best! Are you able to do the progesterone shots yourself? Make sure you're moving them around and rubbing the sites a lot so you don't get lumps!
  • 16w tomorrow! No appointment until 8/24- I am so excited to go 20 whole days without stepping foot in a doctors office! I'm feeling some movement, mostly one comes up to the top while I'm lying on my back and swirls around there, making a hard knot in one spot, or making my belly look uneven!
    QOTW: I loved reading so much, still do really! Name a classic or favorite children's book and we have probably read it- as a child or with DD. I'm sure these babies will love being having books read to them!

    Two years, two losses and three IUIs...

    We are having TRIPLETS!

    EDD 1/26/16

     GGB born November 2015!

  • Hi!! 14wks and a couple days here! 1 LO due on 2/5 but will most likely be a RCS around 2/1.  We have an elective 3D scheduled for the end of the month, so hopefully we will find out the sex then! 

    My favorite books as a child were The Island Of The Blue Dolphins, and Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. I read Gone With The Wind when I was around 12, and that remains one of my favorite books of all time. 

    Spontaneous pregnancy #1
    DD1 July 31, 2011

    Trying for #2 since Oct 11
    732973 Clomid Cycles
    2 IUIs 
    3 Fresh IVFs= 1 Ectopic treated with MTX
    Spontaneous pregnancy #2= Ectopic #2= lost left tube
    Spontaneous pregnancy #3= DD2 January 29, 2016
    Spontaneous pregnancy #4= Ectopic #3
    Spontaneous pregnancy #5= Baby #3 is a BOY!!! 

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  • @MrsBwIVF anatomy scan so soon! Can't wait to hear!
    @somewhereinafrica sorry for another bleed, but you sound so positive! I bet you and your babies will have some amazing, very well-planned travels!

    Two years, two losses and three IUIs...

    We are having TRIPLETS!

    EDD 1/26/16

     GGB born November 2015!

  • @Kelley421, isn't it strange to not have any appts all week long???? It's a nice but scary feeling!

    Welcome, @potatocastillo!
  • I have a rant about the lab. I've had to repeat EVERY blood test due to lab errors. They have me driving to different locations hours away and run me in circles. DH drives me to some of these and he just about lost it last evening when we had to repeat the NIPT test because they didn't follow the directions in the kit. So I had to drive 40 min away to pick up another kit and made the fed-ex cut off at the lab with 4 minutes to spare. My paperwork is never done correctly and I often have to drive to pick up new forms. It's just flat out ridiculous. I mean, haven't they administered prenatal care before? Ok rant over - it just makes me more nervous than I already am. I don't have any more appointments until Sept. (The anatomy scan), so nothing interesting to report.
  • @Knottie4978096, that's terrible and extra stress neither you or DH need! Is there any way you can switch doctors?
  • Yes, I'll be switching from Blue Cross to Kaiser in Sept. so I won't have to deal with this anymore. I feel like I'm managing my own healthcare and coordination. Kaiser has all of these services within the same building, close by, and the hospital is brand-new with a level 3 NICU - in the same building. Plus, it's all done for 1 small copay. With Blue Cross, I have to pay 10% of the delivery bill.
  • Coming up on 17 weeks! Not much new, I spent the weekend with family which was lovely. Anatomy scan on the 24th, waiting waiting.

    QOTW: I loved A Wrinkle in Time, I read a lot as a kid and that one always stayed with me.
  • @Knottie4978096, glad to hear that! September can't come soon enough!

    @emcarl24, the waiting for the scan is the worst! We did no testing on either baby and haven't seen them since 12w. We've been anxiously awaiting our a/s but now that it's in 3 days, I'm dreading it and wishing time would slow down!
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    @MrsBwIVF hang in there! Looking forward to your a/s report.
    @somewhereinafrica yikes! Glad the old bleed reabsorbed, hope this new one does too, and quickly!
    @Kelley421 that movement sounds fun!
    @Knottie4978096 how crazy and frustrating! Glad you are switching soon.

    As for me...18w1d, still no movement :( Had a checkup today, hb 150 on the Doppler so that was awesome. Had NT blood work done today, results should be in 2 weeks. A/s in 2 weeks, that should be fun. My allergies are still terrible but other than that (and the tiredness) I am feeling pretty good!

    QOTW: I love to read. Childhood faves include The Little Princess and the Anne of Green Gables series (really all of LM Montgomery) and...I'll be here all day if I keep going. ;) looking forward to reading anything and everything with my girls - DD1 gets a bedtime story every night and it will be so much more fun when she really understands the stories!
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
  • @marnief, those 2 weeks will fly by!
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