September 2014 Moms

Almost 1!

Our beloved little girl is almost 1. She's almost able to walk by herself, and her new sister arrives in 2 months!

What are a few updates on your September babies?

Re: Almost 1!

  • My precious bb girl also is almost 1 and her 2 big brothers are excited. So emotional she said Dada first and latet said momma momma so all she said is momma so cute
  • My DD is walking and talking a bunch! Crazy how she's picked up a mini vocabulary. She had 8 teeth with 4 cutting right now (that's been rough). Are you birthday party planning for your babe? Any theme?
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    Ours turned 1 on the 5th! She's been walking for about a month now and is very talkative (though we don't understand her!)

    She had two parties, one up with my family. We had it at a carousel. The other was at our home for my husbands side of the family. We didn't do a theme. But instead of gifts we asked for cash and made a donation to our local zoo in her name (she still got gifts, but everyone was thrilled with the zoo idea!)

    Oh and she has 4 teeth now, but is cutting new ones. These past 2 weeks have been rough for her.
  • My LO is walking and babbling almost non-stop, I can't wait till I can understand him! No planned theme for his birthday, but fall is starting here in the south, so it will probably be inside :)
  • My lil princess will be 1 in a week and I feel like I'm going to be all mushy cause I still can't believe that a whole has passed. Plus she became a big sister in July to Baby Cadence!!! She isn't trying to walk yet but is a super master at the crawling. What a beautiful year it has been!!
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