Looking for advice about possible PPROM

I am looking for a place where I can ask some questions and get others' experiences with preterm leaking of amniotic fluid.  I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I'll give it a go.

Here's my backstory:  I'm currently 22w3d w/ pregnancy #3, but this would be my first take-home baby.  Both losses were early m/c BO.  About 2 weeks ago I started noticing a bit more wetness in my underwear and decided it was probably nothing.  Then a few days after that I developed some UTI symptoms so I went in to have those checked out (which ended up being a false alarm).  I forgot about the wetness, but then the next day felt like I should have asked, so I called and they brought me back in for exam.  I saw the NP and she did a fern test, which came back negative, and sent me for an u/s, which showed my fluid as low normal.  They scheduled a repeat u/s w/ orders to drink a lot and rest during that week wait.  I ended up being too concerned to wait a whole week, so went back 5 days later and had the repeat u/s.  The fluid had increased a bit and the u/s tech (who had done the previous scan also) was quite pleased with it.  I got to see my reg OB this time and he was totally not concerned, even though I mentioned that I was still having this sort of "leaking" going on.  He chalked it up to reg pg discharge.  So that was about a week ago, but I just can't seem to shake this feeling that I am leaking amniotic fluid.  I don't leak constantly.  I notice more when I sleep than when I'm up and moving around.  (Which makes me paranoid b/c you hear all these stories around the net that the baby is plugging your cervix when you are upright and not when you lay down, so if you leak while lying down it's more likely to be AF.) 

So here I am still wondering if I could be leaking, but just intermittent and very slow and the doctors aren't catching it.  I feel encouraged by the negative ferning test and the rise in AF on my u/s and I am also aware that PPROM is very rare at my stage, but I just can't shake this fear.  MH and others think I'm being paranoid and I should just listen to the doc, but unfortunately I've done too much reading and I'm still paranoid.  So what would you do?  Go back and get tested again and just be "that girl" and say screw you?  Or just trust your doc and treat the "leaking" as normal increased discharge?  

Thanks for helping a girl out.

Re: Looking for advice about possible PPROM

  • Hi there! I will say right off the bat that I have no experience with PPROM. I did have many issues & bad experiences while pregnant and in labor, though, and would advise you to trust your gut. My revolving door of doctors were great at times and horrible on other days (I have Kaiser insurance and they don't believe in one OB for a patient). I had a lot of issues and one doctor would completely miss it one day and another doctor catch it the next. Although they are well-educated and trained and important, they are human and fallible. IMO no substitute for a mother's intuition or a woman's gut. I do hope you get some more answers on here with people that have experienced something similar. Best of luck to you!
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