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Gallbladder issues / gallstones

Does anyone suffer from gallbladder issues or gallstones during pregnancy? I've never had these issues before and suddenly I have to eat a VERY low fat diet. I'm scared this will affect the baby's development if I'm not getting all the necessary fats in my diet.
Any tips would be great!!!

Re: Gallbladder issues / gallstones

  • missshanabmissshanab member
    edited September 2015
    Im not pregnant yet, however i have gallbladder isses and have had them for years. Ask your doctor of course, but if you are suffering from an attack take a shot of apple cider vinegar or mix it with apple juice. It tastes awful but within 30 mins your pain will lessen. Find your trigger foods, mine is grease. I can eat healthy fats like avacado, lean meats and eggs, so figure out what gives you pain. Good luck, this is a huge thing on my brain as i try to get pregnant.

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