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Probiotics while nursing

my daughteR is 4 months and has had thrush 2 times already and seems like she might have it again so of course I get it too since I'm nursing her . A friend recommended taking probiotics for me or for my daughter . I've seen different brands but don't know if it's sAfe to take while breastfeeding . Has anyone taking them ?

Re: Probiotics while nursing

  • I don't know about for you but I give my LO the Gerber Soothe drops. They're probiotic drops. I was told to use them for reflux and it's totally worked. Not sure about thrush though but it might be worth checking out. Be forewarned they are pricey
  • I have been taking the Align brand probiotic for around 5 years and no one told me to stop taking it with either of my kids
  • I was told to give DD and myself Kyodopholus. Didn't like the ped so I didn't listen, but yeah... The bottle says half capsule for infants.
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