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Are your LO's responding to the word "no" at all yet? My DS does not at all. He just looks at me and keeps doing what he is doing. Or sometimes he even laughs and continues. I usually just have to redirect his attention. He does understand other words and requests so I am not sure if he is just playing me.

Re: NO

  • Mine does the same as yours. I did read in the wonder weeks app that at this stage it is time to lay down some ground rules. I also use redirection. Hopefully she will soon start to understand no.
  • Mine starts crying when we say no so I think she is starting to understand
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  • Mine cries too, if she knows that she's doing something she shouldn't be. Child proofing and redirection is still working fairly well for us. She is generally distracted enough by her siblings (who already know and follow the rules) to get into too much trouble.
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  • He definitely knows what it means and it usually pretty good about following directions when I am talking to him...but there is definitely a willfulness that makes appearances as well! :)
  • I try not to use "no" a lot unless it's something dangerouse, so I'm not sure. But I usually give her directions of what to do (I.e. "Walk away from the oven, it's hit" "hands out of the toilet" "that's not for eating" etc). She usually responds and obeys those. Unless I'm asking for my car keys back, those she will just tightens her death grip on and runs the other way :)
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  • lol I don't give her keys anymore to avoid the tantrum. She's pretty good at redirecting if she is doing something but if I take something from her all bets are off.
  • Oh! The keys! I definitely try to keep those hidden, but that doesn't always work. They are seriously a baby magnet.
  • Redirecting works better for us too. He definitely knows the things that he's not supposed to do, but usually won't stop if I just say "no."

    And yep, we have a key lover too!
  • We are the same way with keys. Mine have a remote starter on them and all I hear is my car turning off and on. She screams when I take them away but she only seems to go for the button that turns the car on. Plus I hate how they make her hands smell like metal. Yuck.
  • I don't let mine play with the keys because of the remote starter haha
  • @AmberLiz99 I like how you use phrases more instead of just the word no. I guess I do that without realizing but am going to try to explain more why we can't do things instead of just no. Thanks for all the replays. I am glad I am not alone :-)
  • DD's face starts to slowly scrunch up and she will either burst into tears or stick her chin out and defiantly do it again. Maybe I'm too used to dogs where a firm loud "NO" is to be used lol

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  • We try to say No and give a reason why "you'll hurt yourself" / "this is mama's" / "this is not a toy!" She is pretty good at listening (so far) and once she almost started crying, which was actually kind of cute lol
  • Mine ignores me straight up ignore like I didnt speak.....
  • Mine just started saying "no" to me... with attitude! No was his first word ;) But this attitude is new. He's turning in to quite the terror. Oh, and when I say no to him it's like I'm talking to a brick wall. 
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