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feeling pressure from others to stop BF.

thank god I've made it so far on BF my LO and I'm happy and feel like it's not time to start weaning. LO has been sick for the past two months, for some reason he's good for a week and sick for two so everytime he's eating well he gets sick and wants breast milk only. it makes it hard on me bc I don't want to take it away when he's older but at the same time I feel like a bad mom if I do, ppl tell me I have to do it now. is anyone in the same position?

Re: feeling pressure from others to stop BF.

  • No, I stopped bf bc I wasnt ovulating and we were try again -- but I would tell them to kiss it. The WHO recommends 2 years. Average world wide is 4 years. Then offer them some. How is you bfing your son ANY one else's business. Get sassy girl. Brin those momma claws out.
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