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Mom acting a bit... Odd?

Anyone newly expecting and their mother is acting a bit strange? My mom seemed happy when I told her we were expecting, but quickly started saying things like "you're not the only person to have ever been pregnant before" when merely responding to the question, "how do you feel?" with the answer that I'm having morning sickness all the time... Lots of little odd, slightly mean or jabbing comments that just seem off. A little lack of compassion and almost (I hate to even say this)... Jealousy? Is it me?! (Also, we are living with my parents for 1 year while my husband is in fellowship. Surely this lends a hand in some tension! No judgements please.)

Re: Mom acting a bit... Odd?

  • My mom’s been a little weird about it too. At first she was happy for me and now she’s just interfering with everything, tells me I’m wasting money on things to keep my baby safe, that I shouldn’t get so many ultrasounds and she’s been really driving me up a wall (and I mean reallyyyyy) about everthing I eat. She’s just being very passive-aggressive and unempathetic.
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