3 Truths About C-Section Mamas

Someone posted this to my Facebook page and I love it!
Thought I would share with you ladies. Enjoy!


Re: 3 Truths About C-Section Mamas

  • Love this. Thank you for sharing. :)
  • Thank you for posting this. I'm having my 3rd and 4th children on monday via csection, due to one twinkling breech. I'm terrified and feel robbed and frustrated but this article made me feel a bit better.
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  • Absolutely love this. This article explained it so well.
  • Seriously laying in bed holding my precious newborn crying after reading this (could possibly be some postpartum hormones involved). A c section was defiantly not the plan but I know it is why I am currently able to hold this happy and healthy little man in my arms and am eternally grateful that he is here sade and sound.
  • Unexpected c section here. Went in for an induction and baby's heart rate was over the place, doctor said she had to come out. It was my first surgery ever and I was terrified. I later found out baby's cord was wrapped around her neck and she couldn't descend because of it. While I'm glad she's okay, I still miss that I couldn't have the birth I wanted. This article says a lot.
  • Thanks for sharing, this made me cry. My first was born by c-section because I had a previous surgery in my uterus before getting pregnant that would cause uterine rupture during a vaginal birth risking both of our lives. I am on my second and doing another c-section because my doctor feels I could still risk uterine rupture even though that initial surgery was 4 years ago. And it's true, we do what's best and healthy for us babies, that's a mother's role forever.
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