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Exhausted isn't really the right word

So I am 39yo & 20 weeks today (baby#3) and I can not really explain my lack of energy! So much for getting better in the second trimester :(
It is painful to get going or do simple tasks like make food, bathe the kids or fold laundry ... I feel out of breath and like I could fall over and pass out all day long. My poor LO's ... My DD who is 2 1/2 will come in when I'm laying down and say 'Mommy you feel better now?' And my 5yo DS asked me yesterday why I'm always sick and I never build legos with him anymore! I feel so bad!
If I could explain it Id say think back to a time when you stayed up all night and maybe had an hour of sleep before getting up for work ... I feel like that all.day.long ugggg. I haven't gotten anything done on my to do list in days.
I am so grouchy and short with everyone ... I barely have the energy to have a conversation with my sister on the phone.
It was NOT like this with my other 2.

Anyone relate? Anything you think helps??

And PS of course Dr just says it's all normal. I may sleep for the next 20 weeks! I just thank god we just moved and I'm not working .... I couldn't imagine!

Re: Exhausted isn't really the right word

  • I feel you! Though how I'm feeling now is much worse than my 2nd tri..Dr. is chalking it up to normal 3rd trimester stuff and having a toddler at home so I imagine with 2 little ones you'd be twice as tired as I am I would also imagine having just moved with 2 kids is probably really tough as well! I haven't found much that's been helpful but I have been trying to get more iron from apricots and other natural sources, I couldn't really say if it's working or not :(

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  • Oh I am beyond dreading the 3rd trimester! I can't imagine functioning if it gets worse lol.

    I did read iron & magnesium can help with energy but I haven't found the foods yet to give it a try.

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  • I am 35 and pregnant with my second child at 26 weeks. I feel so exhausted! The baby'a kicking had me in tears. This pregnancy is not going as smoothly as the first one, when I was 33 years old.
  • I really hate to admit it but the older we get it gets harder :( Id really like today think nothing has changed since my 20's lol :)
  • I'm 35, 21 wks preg, 2nd preg- ds is 4. I can't get over how tired I am! As in its 730pm & I'm typing this from bed tired. Headaches, too! This is def not as easy as when I had my son
  • I can relate. I'm a FTM and I'm 37. Month 4 and 5 were brutal for me. Fatigue was overwhelming and my mood was in the toilet most days. When I mentioned this to my Dr I assumed she was going to say, "advanced maternal age and fatigue are normal..."
    Nope. She was not at all ok with me being that tired in 2nd trimester. Turns out, my thyroid levels had plummeted in a month and I was vitamin D deficient (as many of us are).
    Getting my thyroid med adjusted, starting 2000 iu vitamin D and adding in a super B-complex helped immensely. It takes a few weeks, so it's no overnight change, but I feel much better this month (month 6) and I still feel like I could improve more since I've only been on the new regimen 6 weeks.
    Talk to your doctor! Don't just accept it. Seek alternative therapies like acupuncture and yoga if need be. Daily exercise really helps me. Good luck!
  • PP I am so glad you posted. Right before we got pregnant I had a fairly routine follow up with my dermatologist (I have mild psoriasis) and she had my vitamin D tested and turned out my vitamin D was extremely low. I did a 50,000 iu 1x week for 2 months and then 2,000 iu a day there after. After a year of trying I got pregnant the month after I started the regimine we got pregnant.
    I have been totally slacking on my daily vitamin D and can't believe I didn't think of this as a part of the problem. Great reminder to look into things when you're feeling worse than you should :)
  • Thank everyone! Ive been feeling the same way, and now i'm going to try apricots and get my vitamin d tested.
  • I'm 41 and at 30 weeks with my first. I'm so exhausted all the time! Today I was late to work because I had to take a nap after breakfast! Lol. And I really could use another nap this evening. It's hard to grow a person...especially at my age. Hang in there momma.
  • I say that to my husband (it's hard to grown a person!) when he's concerned (ie feeling overwhelmed) ;)
  • Really tired as well. Complained to my OB several times, eventually did CBC and found out that I am anemic
  • Interesting ... It's the obvious things like checking your blood work that somehow we can forget about ...I had already tested super low for vitamin D but iron is another culprit!
  • You should also have your iron tested. I just had an iron infusion since mine was so low. I feel very similar to how you described.
  • I feel the same way. But I think my issue is that I'm not sleeping well at night. I feel like I'm dragging all day and need naps constantly but can't get them bc I work during the day:(
  • I'm only 14 weeks, but feel the same way on top of being sick. I go from the bed to the couch. When my sickness ends, I'm going to go to the dr again about the lack of energy, if it doesn't get better. I'm 38, and I think I have every symptom imagineable. I had my first kids at 22 and 25, and this is much tougher.
  • Update. Doctor said, that everything is normal, even though RBC was low. I started eating more of the red meat and changed my vitamins. Feel better now
  • I kept complaining of this during my previous pregnancy right into the post partum period.  The doctors went from saying "oh, you're pregnant" to "oh, you just had a baby."  I was exhausted, achy, cold, bruised and losing hair in clumps.  When I FINALLY got someone to listen, it was my nurse practitioner when I went in for a cold.  Turns out, my thyroid had tanked when I was pregnant and was extremely low.  They doubled my medicine and I went from feeling like I was dying to the still-sucky-but-more-normal levels of tiredness in about a month.  It was like magic and the only thing I regret is that I wasn't more assertive and didn't get it taken care of sooner.  My post-partum period was brutal and I was too tired to even enjoy my new baby.  This pregnancy, I'm on top of it and they have already made one adjustment to my meds.  It turns out it's pretty normal to have changes to your thyroid when you are pregnant. 
  • I'm 7 weeks and 37 years old. I am exhausted. Part of it is my hectic schedule. Up at 5:30. Out the door by 6:30 drop my 5 year old a school by 7:45, work by 8, out at 5:30, pick up my son at 6 and then finally home by 7ish. But I also feel that it's just more than that. Everyday by 3/3:30 I'm exhausted. On weekends I'm taking naps.

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